In many cases, dreaming of the mother-in-law or father- in- law generates a certain fear, perhaps due to the bad reputation that they have been given, the truth of all this is that in terms of dreams it is still fearful

Many times they reflect the possible problems or conflicts between family members, they could also indicate authority, respect and limits, including representing the relationship with our own mother.

meaning of dreaming of mother-in-law or father-in-law

Dreaming about your mother-in-law is often seen as a nightmare, but not everything is bad

  • If we dream that our mother-in-law treats us with kindness and cordiality (Although this is not the case in real life) it indicates that the problems with her are much less and simple than it seems.

Talking and expressing the differences that you may have with each other will be more than enough to make your relationship much more bearable. This with the aim of releasing tensions and making the coexistence something calmer, for the benefit of all as a family.

  • If, on the contrary, we dream that the mother-in-law is angry or aggressive, this could indicate that the problems are exacerbated with her, that she is a difficult person to carry and understand

Many times, they are conflictive and toxic people for your family and sentimental relationship. This being the case, keep as much distance as possible but without losing respect, learn to enforce your rules very cautiously.

  • If dreaming in an argument with your mother-in-law says present, because this is indications of problems with people very close to us, possibly relatives
  • If when dreaming of the mother-in-law we get along and the same thing happens in real life (as it should happen) this is an indicator of good news and that positive things are ready to come into our life
  • If we dream of a mother-in-law but we are not yet married , get ready! because the wedding knocks on your door and the church bell is being heard
  • If a woman dreams of her mother-in-law , this is an indicator of her potential as a mother.

In the same way, it could be a premonitory dream, where you want to announce to the woman that there is a suspicion of pregnancy or it is the ideal time to be in a state

  • If a man dreams of the mother-in-law , possibly he shows the ideal woman for his life or what he is looking for from his special partner.
  • If in the dream we see the mother-in-law or father-in-law dying, this indicates that our relationship with her or him is about to change for better or for worse, it all depends on the current relationship and the way we get along with it.
  • If in the dream we laugh a lot with our mother-in-law or father-in-law and have a good time with her company , this symbolizes that we have great respect and admiration for her, so much so that we see her as an image to follow.
  • If we dream of the deceased mother-in-law or father-in-law , it indicates that they are well and at peace in the plane in which they are, in these cases it is advisable to offer them a mass or a simple prayer as a sign of gratitude for their visit

Dreaming of the mother-in-law can generate discomfort in the dreamer depending on the real relationship they have.

  • When we dream that our mother-in-law is heavily made up , you must open your eyes wide and be much more attentive to what happens in your relationship, because there could be a threat of infidelity from the partner.

Therefore, you should take the necessary precautions without falling into discussions or claims since this would only make the situation worse

  • If you dream of your mother-in-law or father-in-law who has passed away a while ago and she speaks to you of the most normal thing, it has 2 interpretations, the first, to really prepare yourself, because unforeseen surprises will knock on your door

And the second interpretation is that it could be an indicator of bad news or you will go through a very strong stage in your life, where your assets will be hanging by a thread. You must take the necessary measures to prevent this from happening or to recover your well-being in some way

Conclusion of dreaming about mother-in-law or father-in-law

In general terms, when we say dreaming of the mother-in-law or father-in-law  , very negative things immediately occur to us regarding this type of dreams. And it is that most of the time it refers to problems, conflicts, misfortunes, envies among others and very little positive aspects are present.

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