The mother figure is very important that is why dreaming of a mother has different meanings, so the environment where it develops is very curious to be able to determine what the dream is about.

It is not that you can simply say that you have been worried about your mother because in the dream advice and situations are transmitted that have to do directly with the one who dreams it, that is, that your mother in one way or another is giving you advice.

Meanings of dreaming about mother

  • Dreaming of a mother in your childhood home: this normally happens with people who, even as adults, depend on their mother to make most of the decisions in their life, it is not bad, but it cannot be the fundamental pillar for you to develop but a support, it would be good to mature.
  • Dreaming about the death of your mother: if you have already heard about other dreams where relatives die, you know that this means the opposite and that it is not a bad omen because your mother is in good health, so you can enjoy a long time with her .
  • Dreaming that your mother is happy: this means that you are on the right track and that you are developing favorably in your life, so both you and your mother are proud of you, these skills are what help you achieve many successes.
  • Dreaming of a bad mother: these dreams reflect rather that you are letting yourself be carried away by bad feelings in your life and it is time to reflect because with this you will not achieve the success you are looking for.
  • Dreaming of traveling with your mother: these situations convey the desire you require to relive past experiences, perhaps you feel that something about you needs to remember some teaching that you had already acquired but that for the moment you think you lost it and it is best to remember it in own flesh.
  • Dreaming of a mother talking: if this happens to you in the dream you must be very attentive in your life because it means that you will receive good news, so do not hesitate to be alert to your job or future business.
  • Dreaming of a mother crying: given the case of this dream you should be aware of your health because seeing your mother crying is a symbol of concern and it is likely that you still do not express anything, but you have neglected your health so soon you will be able to receive the consequences.
  • Dreaming of fighting with a mother: for those who have this type of dream, it is very likely that they have very controlling mothers and that they seek to satisfy them, so not saying no sometimes results in repressed feelings of independence.

Maybe you have already matured and you need to take care of yourself, you can do it, but you have not had the courage to let go of your mother and these internal conflicts are manifesting it to you in some way.

Conclusion of dreaming about mother

The mother is a symbol of principles and values ​​of our life, she is the one who guides us since we are born so it is instinctively that she transmits the feeling of development, growth, security, love and care, of course if everything is in excess becomes suffocation and oppression.

All these feelings linked to a single person make that when dreaming of a mother we are evoking that moment in which we feel aimless and we need the security, protection and advice that she represents us.

If you still have internal personality conflicts, it is likely that your dreams are closely related to the figure of your mother, she can appear very frequently and in this sense you should pay attention to the details because there would be the key to improve.

We all grow up and become physically independent, only that many do not do it sentimentally, so there lies that point of maturing and being adults, seeing our mother as a support and life advice both in dreams and in real life.

From a psychological point of view, cases of incestuous dreams are rare, but they do occur in some cases and many have to do with emotional problems that you should treat because it is a love dependency that you have suffered since childhood.

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