Numbers are part of our life, because in addition to being used for everything, they accompany us in our day to day. On the phones, our personal identification number, bank account, mobile PIN, passwords … etc. No matter where we look, we are going to find numbers, and naturally, beliefs around certain numbers have been formed over time.

These superstitions and myths are quite strong and they reach deep in some people. If you have noticed, there are many hotels that remove a certain number from their rooms or from the elevator. These measures are caused by the fears that in some cases are had towards numbers with a bad reputation. However, we do not always associate numbers with negative aspects, but we also remember the number of a previous home, the number that we were associated with at school, the grades, the lottery number, the number of important dates or many other numbers than us. that evoke positive and nostalgic emotions.

Leaving aside the beliefs and myths around numbers, today we are talking about dreams with numbers, something very different that requires its own interpretation. Here we give you the keys so that you yourself begin to know the meaning of your dreams. All you have to do is search among the commented contexts for the epigraph that most closely resembles your dream. Once this is done you can start looking for links or connections along with other personal factors to know the meaning.


Meaning of dreaming about numbers

  • To dream that you go to a supermarket or store where you shop, and you make accounts to see how much money you can spend is because you are a person who knows how to manage money. You know what to spend it on and what not to spend it on, because you know that money is not a gamble and you avoid all kinds of unnecessary losses. This is undoubtedly a positive thing, although it is also true that if you go too restrained and do not buy any whims, you can become a selfish and stingy person. Sharing something for the pleasure of yourself or others is not a crime, learn to share the money and enjoy it a little more.
  • If the previous situation repeats but you have a great fear because you do not have enough money to pay , it means that you are going through a time of economic hardship. Right now you know perfectly the value of each coin or banknote and you are somewhat overwhelmed. You are not able to have the amount of money you would like to make ends meet and this is something that worries you.
  • We now go on to identify the values ​​and meanings that some specific numbers hide. In this case we are talking about dreams with the number two . This is a number that is associated with people lost in life, people who have many unsolved doubts and who do not know exactly what their main objective is right now. The presence of this number in dreams is related to the division of ideas in the dreamer, that is, you are at a time when you have doubts because you do not know which of the two directions to go. These are internal problems of each one that you will have to solve through reflection.
  • Dreaming of number 3 signifies courage and strength. You are a person who knows how to fight adversity before and what is more important still, you never bow your head. You know how to recognize your mistakes but you do not give up in the face of injustices. It is true that fewer and fewer people demonstrate these values, so we encourage you to continue this strong and fight with all your might. As if this were not enough, happiness and optimism are also two of your traits, which makes you the perfect company for anyone.
  • The number 4 in dreams is a symbol of balance. Your life is going to have a season at least of tranquility. You will be able to get away from problems and dedicate part of your time to enjoying the companies that you like so much. Take advantage of this stage because you never know how long it can last.
  • When the number 5 appears in repeated dreams , it is a warning of important changes in your life. You are going to have surprises, some you could imagine although others will be completely unthinkable. Either way, most of them will be good and will allow you to give that turn that you have been waiting for in your life. The changes may be related to money, love or family, although what surely changes is the work aspect.
  • The number 6 is a number that arouses a lot of interest, as it appears in the dreams of totally different people. If this is your case, you are a person who has a most striking and attractive personality. Nobody knows where you are going to leave, because you let yourself be carried away by your impulses and strangely enough, within that chaos and disorder, you are a person who has clear objectives in life. You know how to overcome obstacles and even if it costs you to recover, you know that calm comes after the storm.
  • Dreaming of the number 7 is a sign of order and luck. You know that this number brings good luck, although in dreams it also represents an established order so that you can overcome the tests of life until you reach your goal. This number shows you the steps to take, now you have to do your part to start moving forward and achieving your goals. Although it may seem simple, you will have to work hard and do your best to achieve success.
  • Finally, the number 8 does not represent anything other than acceptance. You know that at times you have behaved badly and this weighs on your conscience. It is time to accept your mistakes and try to correct them. The number 8 can appear in several places, which affects its meaning, although in general this figure indicates humility and the recognition of mistakes.

Conclusion of dreaming with numbers

These are the numbers that are repeated the most in dreams and that most affect our lives, although of course, it may also be that a 45 or a 78 appears in the dream. In these cases, we recommend you look for an internal explanation related to your life or downplay it and focus on other elements of the dream that can give you more information. Tell us which number is the one that appears in your dream and the emotions experienced, because in this way we can all continue learning about the meaning of numbers in dreams.

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