Rest assured, you do not need to have felt God’s call to dream about wet , although in real life the nun is a woman consecrated to religion, in the dream world she has other interpretations that differ from the religious aspect.

Dreams speak to us in symbols that may be unfamiliar or strange, but the reality is that they contain great meaning that can express emotions or feelings that we have not been able to deal with. So you must be aware of these messages from the subconscious.

meaning of dreaming about nuns

It all depends on the context of the dream, some interpreters say that the meaning of dreaming about nuns is the attempt that the dreamer has to find that altruistic part and rethink the relationship with the environment.

The dreams nuns indicate that the dreamer is going through a stage somewhat complicated his life, has sought ways to move forward, but it was not enough to show that live many changes that will greatly to respond to important aspects and interesting in private life.

Explanation of dreaming about bad nuns

The explanation of dreaming of bad nuns is interpreted as dissatisfaction with daily tasks, to which a great feeling of guilt is also attributed, which is based on the fear of the loss of innocence and its derivations, they have been painted bad .

It also means future changes to your family or social situation that you will have to orient towards better horizons and this will do so after going through hard tests or experiences.

Interpretation of dreaming about nuns dressed in white

As for the meaning of dreaming of nipples dressed in white , they obviously symbolize purity, innocence, obedience and chastity. It represents in the same way the need to live far from the promises you have already made, also that your beliefs are being interfered with by material life and money.

If you dream that you are dressed in white is a way to indicate health problems, as well as possible alarming changes, so at the slightest sign, do not hesitate to go to the doctor.

Explanation of dreaming about ghost nuns

Dreaming of ghost nuns augurs control, questioning and disapproval of the life plan that is being carried out, according to other analysts it symbolizes the rejection of the direction that their existence has taken and their way of living that includes their work.

If you have this type of dream, it symbolizes the reflection of your fears before complicated situations in the workplace, if you talk to the nun dressed in white, you express that you will receive strong criticism for your bad responsibility that will endanger your job.

Interpretation of dreaming about dead nuns

The meaning of dreaming of dead nuns is scary, because you are right is not a good sign at all, because it indisputably announces the death of someone you know, friend or family member.

If you dream of a dead or deceased nun , it is also a premonition of sadness and the reason is in the feeling of guilt for a death or for having been dishonored with people.

Explanation of dreaming about black nuns

The dream black nuns or is skinned, indicating rejection, exclusion and segregation. Also, if the nun was pregnant, it portends a situation full of lust, betrayal and above all sinful.

Other analysts of the dream world point out that if a woman sees in her dreams a nun dressed completely in black, it represents that that person is being too puritanical.

Interpretation of dreaming about devilish nuns

As for the meaning of dreaming of diabolical nuns or a demon dressed as a nun, it connotes that there is an individual who appears to be modest and good, but in reality is a hypocrite who tries to pretend what he is not.

Seeing the devil in dreams indicates that you see negative aspects of yourself, it also means feelings of guilt that harbor it, so it is time to release all those feelings.

Explanation of dreaming of good nuns

Dreaming of good nuns or that they approach you and are smiling reveals the probability of success in your proposed goals and this will be due to the intervention of good friends.

Conclusion of dreaming about Nuns

Dreaming about wet has different meanings, one of the most outstanding is that it says that you have a high degree of commitment to be able to be of service or help other people. But it will depend on the context of the dream to be able to give it a proper interpretation.

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