When dreaming of parrots , you can visualize yourself with animals, these little creatures come into your life with the intention that you get to know yourself better with respect to your own feelings, which no matter how hard you try you do not want or can not recognize. Dreaming of parrots refers to the presence of loneliness, because you may be going through different moments in which you need a person by your side, a better company, or you are not satisfied with your friendships, giving it a context of depression.

When a parrot appears in your dreams, it has several meanings, but generally it emphasizes your social circle, how you relate and how you get along with them. The parrots that say random words without meaning and without stopping, it is because they symbolize a group of people, which we call toxic or bad omen who criticize you or speak ill of you.

Meaning of having dreams about parrots

Dreaming of blue parrots: yes, its color also has a meaning, in this case it is the color blue, as we all know it, in the emotions that most transmits the color blue is associated with sadness and nostalgia, and similar to this .

With this we mean that, if you recently dreamed of blue parrots , it is most likely that close to you there will be people who will hurt you very soon, and will try to take away your peace and tranquility, and the actions that will affect you the most. They are through words, that is, they will do everything in their power to create rumors about you that are not true.

Dreaming of parrots with greens: in dreams they are the allegorical image of a person who is trying as much as possible to get closer to you to give you a message about someone else in the real plane, which can bring well-being to your life, or a bad .

It should be noted that, if you dream of a green parrot that is flying free and out of your reach, it is trying to tell you that your subconscious makes a small evocation of childhood memories.

Dreaming of colored parrots: Multiple colored parrots are quite a sight for us humans, to behold of course, so if you have been dreaming lately you have dreamed of colorful parrots flying around you, it means that at a certain point you give more importance to the physical and material, that what really interests: the actions that people do, more than anything for you.

Dreaming of many parrots: A secret is not always well kept, since you do not know who can deceive you in the end, sincerely dreaming of many parrots is not a very good sign. Note that if you have recently shared a secret or some information from your personal life to someone close to you, you are finished, so better watch your back.

Dreaming of parrots that do not have feathers: in the case that you have had a dream in which a parrot plucks its own plumage, it is because you are being told in some way that you must recover that way of being that before distinguished and that always you maintained despite the circumstances and problems that were around you.

Dreaming of parrots in the house: In the event that you enter a home that is not yours and open a window and the parrot flies out of it, it can be interpreted as extremely drastic changes to your life soon.

Dreaming of dead parrots: Dead parrots in dreams let you know that someone close to you is going through a bad time, and that they need your help, and that perhaps unconsciously you have seen how the individuals who claimed to be there to you always, they move away little by little without any reason, in truth it is not a good dream.

Conclusion of having dreams with parrots

Birds are the perfect animal that since ancient times have been a symbol of vigilance throughout the history of mankind, and that thanks to each attribute they possess are known today.

In truth, parrots are beautiful birds, worthy of admiration, with their warm and vibrant colors, and that they are the perfect synonym that we can give to vitality and freedom, this is representative in dreams with parrots.

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