Most dreams are related to other people or where we interact with other people, in almost no dreams we are alone, but what does it mean to dream of people ? This will depend on the person who appears in the dream, the things they do and how they treat us.

This type of dream can be one of the most difficult to interpret, so, in order to understand the meaning, we must be able to discover what feeling people give us and what things they make us think about, so we will more easily understand the relationship of the dream with the real life.

Meaning of the appearance of people in our dream

  • Dreaming of ancestors : this type of dream only ours that we are a link within our generation, it is a way of indicating that we must respect everything that has happened before us. If these people are part of our roots, it indicates that we should have respect for them.

If the ancestors are dead then this means that there are wounds that still need to heal or you still have discomfort from situations you went through, such as the loss of a person.

  • Dreaming of dead people : dead people that appear in dreams refer to very intense emotions that have been had with them, regardless of whether they were positive or negative, you may still feel guilt towards that dead person or that you have loved them very much and this is a way to overcome it.
  • Dreaming of people dressed in white : the color of clothes in dreams can have many meanings, the flat color in particular represents good fortune, luck, evolution in the projects that you have undertaken. It can also mean that you are surrounded by sincere and favorable people.
  • Dreaming of people dressed in black : the meanings of dreaming about people dressed in black have different meanings, but generally speaking, none are entirely good. If you are a woman, a man may be hiding something important from you related to his past.

If you are a man, it means that a friend is hiding his true personality and the intentions he has with you, he is being false, hypocritical and maintaining a double face. It can also mean the pain of a person close to you, who is going through a bad time.

If in the dream it is a large group of people dressed in black then you are going to feel nostalgic during the day for some reason or you are going to receive bad news.

  • Dreaming of a crowd of people : it does not matter if in the dream you are in a crowded street, at a concert or at some sporting event, what really matters is that it is crowded with people and if this is what happens in the dream. you must be attentive to your social relationships.

You may be going through a moment of loneliness or that the people around you are not the best option for you, all this will depend on how you feel during sleep and what feelings those people transmit to you. If you feel fear, it is a sign that in your personal life you are constantly shy and vulnerable.

If in the dream you try to make space between people and move forward, it is a clear sign that in your real life it is important for you to make decisions or you do not have concrete what your path in life is and you feel lost.

  • Dreaming of naked people : dreaming of people who are naked can mean that you have discovered how these people really are, what their true personality is and if these people are ashamed of their own nakedness then it is an indication that they are hiding something from you.
  • Dreaming of sick people : this dream can be premonitory, an alert of a possible illness, it can also just be our fear of contracting any disease, as well as the anguish that takes hold of them.

Conclusion of dreaming about people

The meanings of dreams with people are very wide, everything will depend on who are the people you dream of and what are the most important aspects of the dream, this is what will allow you to know its meaning. There is no general line of dreams with people.

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