Dreaming of putting on perfume can symbolize covering up feelings in order to appear more friendly, even if something “doesn’t smell good” or is bothering you. When your perfume or scent is the focus of a dream you are exploring your magnetism or what attracts others to you.

The sweet perfume symbolizes attraction and the desire to experience beauty. Smell is a powerful memory trigger, and perfume can have associations with past experiences. A perfume bottle is delicate and, within dreams, it can represent delicate aspects of femininity.

Meaning of dreaming about perfume

  • If the aroma of perfume is pleasant within your dream , this means that perhaps you are about to live some joyful adventure in your life. So if you have this dream, you must remain open to living new and exciting experiences.
  • If you dream of perfume and within the dream the aroma is so strong that it makes your nose itch or it becomes difficult for you to breathe, the strong fragrant atmosphere represents a part of the mental pressure of others. Mental pressure can lead to a stressful environment arising from empty entertainment or lavish activities.
  • If you dream that you appreciate perfume aroma in other people, it represents your emotions or opinions about those people and their qualities. Try to remember the exact smell of them to make comparisons. The smells that you can perceive could be pleasant, strong or annoying, these smells, depending on what you have perceived, can offer you deeper clues about how you feel about these people.
  • Buying perfume in your dreams suggests that you may be pursuing some business opportunities that may not end so well. These businesses can end up in outright scams, or they can leave you looking like a complete idiot to others.
  • If you dream that you are spraying yourself perfume, it suggests that you want to show yourself in a different way to others. Maybe you want to fix or make your first impression during a first meeting with other people and you are trying too hard to prove yourself as someone you normally wouldn’t be. Stay true to yourself.
  • Dreaming about spraying perfume on other people suggests that the solution to any communication problem that arises can be solved with the help of flattery. Sometimes it is better to lower our guard and remind that other person because they have our appreciation, that is if we do not want to remain fought.
  • Dreaming about stealing a perfume bottle suggests that your secret desires and important matters will not be satisfied. And you will do whatever it takes to fulfill those inner desires. Perhaps you are going in a direction that is not the right one, evaluate yourself and evaluate the path you must take to fulfill those inner desires.
  • Dreaming that you see a perfume representing a gift suggests that perhaps you will receive some kind of unexpected and very pleasant gift, the gift can usually come from a stranger or someone with whom you have not spoken in a long time. Don’t try to figure out what the gift will be or who it will come from. Just wait.
  • In a dream, a perfume bottle or a perfume bottle can represent someone with the power to control your lifestyle . It could be someone who has control over your bank account, inheritance, or any other financial aspect. You may want to rethink whether leaving those aspects to depend on other people is the most assertive idea.
  • If in the dream you find yourself in a perfume shop (perfumery), this suggests that you are feeling some discontent and dissatisfaction within the relationship with your partner. You want different flavors of romance that your partner cannot offer you. Therefore, your mind is “shopping” to fool itself for different smells.

Conclusion of dreaming about perfumes

The dreams with perfumes can mean many things, it is why it is important to keep the slope of every detail in order to evaluate sleep properly.

In general, a dream with perfume has to present itself in moments where we must reflect on who we are, what we do and what we really want to do. They are almost never dreams of bad omen or of those that we would not like to have.

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