Dreaming of phrases has a close relationship with our inner self that wants to communicate with our consciousness and being. Those repressed desires manage to express themselves with dreams as a means to articulate thoughts through words.

Also sometimes, this kind of dreams can be interpreted as a protection system, in which we are forcing ourselves to be more fluent in expressing ideas in our lives and thus measure a little more what we transmit to other people.

Meaning of dreaming with phrases

  • Dreaming of mysterious phrases: It means that you are looking for answers to situations that worry you in your life and that are likely to be related to your family.
  • Dreaming of messages in another language: It represents that you must reason about unresolved issues that you have with your partner or your parents.
  • Dreaming of phrases in social networks: If, for example, you are dreaming that you were seen in a chat, it means that you feel a lot of insecurity and that you need people to approve the actions you take to be happy.

Also, it can be attributed to an uncertainty you feel about your personal relationships.

  • Dreaming of phrases of love: Explain that your prospect wants to declare to you but is very afraid because he thinks that you are complete in your life. Take the initiative and ask that special someone out.
  • Dreaming that you write sentences in a notebook: Surely it is that you are going through very stressful moments and you want to write down everything. Your subconscious is asking you to remember something very important.
  • Dreaming that we write sentences in an email: It indicates that we are afraid to face a situation and that it affects us. If in the dream it is difficult for us to write, it means that we want to face what affects us.
  • Dreaming of many phrases on your mobile: Explain that work or study stress is absorbing you and that you want a change now. Take a vacation and get away from your city for a couple of days, you’ll see how good it does you.
  • Dreaming of incomplete sentences: It shows that you are not making clear the intentions you want to undertake in your life. You must find a way that those wishes you have are understood by third parties.
  • Dreaming of sentences written in the sand: It reveals different things depending on the situation, if for example; the phrase that is in the sand is erased by a wave, it wants to reflect that your feelings are related to the ephemeral.

If instead the words remain after the wave, speak of your strong convictions in life.

  • Dreaming of phrases in an alphabet soup: Communicates an urgent need to get answers related to situations that strongly affect you every day.
  • Dreaming of phrases on a sheet in a bottle: It supposes that you suppress very important information that you find difficult to share or that for selfish reasons, you hide from other people.
  • Dreaming of phrases on a sign: Emphasize that you want to make your partner know something and that message is very important to take your relationship further.
  • Dreaming of phrases in a book: It predicts that you feel very confident about yourself and feel an important desire to perpetuate those thoughts that you consider should be known by third parties.
  • Dreaming of famous phrases: Surely it is that you want to stand out from the crowd and you aspire to feel identified as some people who have stood out for their fame.
  • Dreaming of phrases from the Bible: It states that you feel a divine connection and probably want a closer communication with God.
  • Dreaming of hiding phrases: You have an issue that torments you with feelings of guilt and disappointment. Your inner voice asks you to solve it and do not hide it from your loved ones because they can help you.

Conclusion of dreaming with phrases

When we dream of phrases, we experience a direct experience with our internal communication system. We capture a close encounter with desires or with the position we have in situations that arise.

Important messages are reflected that should not be ignored, on the contrary, they must be deciphered to reveal the content and thus carry out a response that facilitates our understanding with the environment of our life.

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