The dreams with plants usually represent growth that the person has in life would, have the ability to face adversity and how to continue to grow despite the problems that may arise. However, dreams with plants can have different interpretations depending on the plant.

When the plant is not known in the dream, the person should be guided by the state in which it is, for example, if these are very well preserved, it can indicate that in life, everything is going in a favorable way and if they are withered then there are problems in our environment.

Meaning of dreaming about plants

  • Dreaming about corn plants : dreams about corn plants represent happiness and prosperity, in general, dreaming about corn is not an omen or anything like that, it is simply a symbol of the success that you can achieve in your life if you open your eyes to new possibilities.

The most recurrent way in which corn is present in the dream is when the person visualizes himself eating an ear, this speaks of emotional balance, of the ability that someone has to enjoy things even when they are very simple.

Generally, the people who dream of corn plants are those who in their real life are very comfortable and feel that they have achieved the fulfillment they were looking for. If in the dream you see yourself in front of a corn plant, this indicates that you are visualizing your own growth and prosperity.

  • Dreaming of dry plants : dry plants during sleep reflect anguish, disappointment or misfortune. They are attributed a lot to the ruptures in the love plane, mainly because you did not put the dedication and effort that it deserved, it may also be that that person we are with is not the right one.

Dreaming of dry plants can also indicate that you are not giving the necessary affection to the people around you and that if you do not, these people will move away from you and you will end up losing them.

  • Dreaming of green and beautiful plants : that everything is going in your life according to what is expected, green plants represent every aspect of your life and being like this is an indicator that they are in good condition, blooming and growing. in a positive way.

The beauty of the plant and when they are attractive in our sight indicates that the growth that awaits you in your life will be that lavish, so you will feel happy and in accordance with all things.

  • Dreaming of aloe vera plants : dreams with aloe vera plants must be paid close attention, this plant also known as aloever secretes a substance that has great healing properties, dreaming of it is something truly positive.

Just as the aloe plant heals wounds, this is how you find yourself in your life, ready to move on, your inheritances from the step are already healed and you have forgotten any negative problems that could cause you discomfort.

Now, if the aloe vera plant is dry or dead then the dream represents bad omens, it means that you may be about to go through some difficult situation that will cause you painful wounds.

  • Dreaming of seeing many green and healthy plants : this represents our social life and the people around us, it means that our relationships with others are full of love and above all that they are healthy for us. It also expresses the protection you feel from the people who are next to you.
  • Dreaming of carnivorous plants : dreams of carnivorous plants mean how you feel in your life regarding your fears, it can be understood as the anguish you feel about how your life is taking place. As well as the fears of changes and the decisions you have to make.

Conclusion of dreaming about plants

Plants represent your life, in general dreaming about them is a very good thing, their meanings are not so broad, they are related to sentimental aspects, your personal growth, the fears you may have and the near future that lies ahead in your life.

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