Water, that important element in dreams, reappears and this time in a pool. As in the rest of dreams with water, this one has its own meanings, no matter how pure and peaceful the water represents. This is important to be clear about, because it is not the same to dream of sea water than with big waves than with river water or that of a swimming pool.

It is our subconscious that through dreams tries to show us our greatest concerns or what makes us weak, even reflects the most hidden feelings. Analyzing everything that dreams say is not an easy task, so in order to clarify the dream interpretations of swimming pools, we are going to analyze point by point some of the dreams that are repeated the most among society.

Meaning of dreaming about swimming pools

  • When you dream of a pool with dirty water and it even smells rotten due to its stagnation, it is because you are going to have a pretty hard stage in your life. We talk about failures, unpleasant surprises and even the breakdown of a friendship. The dirtier you find the water, the worse the misfortunes will be. This should be assimilated as a warning, because now you can start to mentalize yourself to be able to face everything that is presented in your life properly.
  • If the pool is dirty or even broken and you repair and clean it , it is because despite all the inconveniences and obstacles that you encounter along the way, you will know how to overcome them and what is even better, you will never lose that energy and enthusiasm. how much they help you. Few people know how to draw strength from weakness to achieve their goals and not give up in the face of difficulties.
  • By dreaming of a pool full of people, you are reminding yourself of how bad you have been for some time now. If the bad choices are due both to the wrong companies and your own problems, you still have time to solve at least a large part of those decisions. You just have to clarify yourself and be aware of all the evil caused. Only when you empathize with others and are clear about your goals can you begin to be forgiven and focus your energies on what you would like to achieve.
  • If the pool water is completely clean, it means that you are going through a very satisfying moment in your life and you feel full. Happiness has come into your life and you show it every moment with your smile or your dynamism. This does not mean that your life has always been a bed of roses, because you have been through really hard times and now you are taking a well-deserved break. Enjoy this period and do not forget that everything can change from one day to the next, as the clouds sooner or later recede.
  • Drowning in a pool in dreams is one of the most difficult contexts to define, although the most general meaning refers to lies, deception or fatigue and despair. Find out what it is in your life that causes you that negative feeling and try to remedy it. If for example you are cheating on your partner, stop doing it immediately, confess your sins and decide what you really want, although it is possible that the decision does not depend on you but on the other person.
  • The absence of water in a pool is a sign of poverty. It is usually a fairly common dream in people who are about to invest money in a project or idea that finally does not go well. The best option is to reflect on the risks of your ideas and think very well if it is something that really interests you, because you may lose all your money in a matter of days. In some cases, to a lesser extent, this dream represents the loss of something really important to you, although you can do nothing to get it back.

Conclusion of dreaming about swimming pools

Pools have several very interesting meanings, and many of them you would never have been able to know if it were not thanks to psychoanalysis. We hope we have clarified the interpretation of dreams about swimming pools for you and we hope to see in the comments all your dreams in which something unexpected happens.

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