If you do not know the meaning of dreaming about a priest or that your subconscious is trying to tell you, that it is the first time that you have this type of dreams, well we can anticipate that having this dream has to do with a great variety of interpretations that will vary according to the behavior you had in said dream, as well as other factors.

This has to do more than anything with struggles and concerns that torment the dreamer, so this dream talks about consolidating beliefs in something. The return of your faith and thus have the certainty of fulfilling your objectives and goals.

meaning of dreaming of priest

Dreaming of priests is translated by connoisseurs of the subject, as the internal struggle of the human being to regain lost confidence. This is why it is also represented as finding the inner peace that is so much needed, after the remorse that represents having incurred in a fault that shames us.

It has nothing to do with whether you are a devout person who spends every Sunday at Mass, so that you can have this dream. Anyone is prone to having it because the priest represents a paternal figure where we seek advice and refuge when feeling confused where we confess for those actions that do not make us proud.

Most recurring examples of dreams with priests

  • If you dream that you are the priest: When the dreamer has this type of dream, many times he has some concerns of the spiritual type and for them dreaming of God can occur frequently and when listening to his call, you see yourself as a priest.
  • When you dream that the priest is performing an exorcism: This represents the expulsion of all those feelings and attitudes of the negative type that corrode us inside.
  • Dreaming of priests who make confession to you: It has to do with the liberation of your sins, but to a lesser extent than the point previously mentioned, it is the continuous need to express those regrets that corrode your interior the repentance you have for being involved in them.
  • Dreaming of priests who represent a symbol of authority: Perhaps the dreamer has the need to have a paternal and authoritarian representation that advises you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. In this aspect, it has a lot to do with dreams where parents participate.
  • When we dream of a father performing a mass: Usually this means that the dreamer is afraid of the death of a friend or loved one, for this reason the dream is disturbing and with a high degree of anguish.
  • In the event that the dreamer is a single girl and she dreams of the priest giving a mass and he has a white garment: You do not have to be an expert to determine that the dreamer simply feels a great desire to marry when it comes to of an adult woman with children, it is a warning that a relative will marry.
  • When a priest approaches the dreamer: This can indicate great misfortunes, illnesses and misery. If the priest is in the pulpit, it indicates that the person’s attitude should improve and return to the required direction.

In the same way, a dream of this type can represent disagreement on the part of the dreamer regarding his attitude and behavior, when the dreamer is in the pulpit this means illness and displeasure.

  • If you dream that you are a high-ranking priest: In these cases, the dream can mean the desire to climb and climb positions.

It is very common that dreaming of being a priest of any hierarchy indicates that the dreamer is a person who works very little according to the level of reward obtained for said work, for which he takes refuge in higher entities that help him overcome this type from problems.

When you see yourself as a priest, it also indicates that many difficulties and failures are coming that in the near future no improvement is in sight. When we dream that we are wearing the priest’s collar, it indicates that we have excessive confidence in ourselves. This indicates concern for the material over the spiritual.

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