What does it mean to dream of puppies

Although dreaming of puppies is not the most common, it is possible and usually happens to people between 20 and 40 years old. This is because they are associated with the awakening of the paternal or maternal instinct. This is not at all negative nor does it mean that you are going to be a father or mother soon, but that interest is awakening within you towards this role in society. It is a time in life when age, environment and friends make you think about having children.

There are thousands of animal dreams and each one with its respective meaning, so we focus in this case on dreams with puppies. Here we detail some of the most frequent dreams when it comes to puppies and you will see how the moods or the moment of your life in which you find yourself directly affect the meaning.

Meaning of dreaming about puppies

  • Dreaming of a puppy without more is a sign of changes. You are going to experience a series of changes that are usually positive and help you achieve happiness. It is a very positive dream and also, you deserve everything positive that happens to you, because you have overcome many problems and always having to work very hard.
  • If you are going through a moment in your life in which you feel very vulnerable and without strength, dreaming of a puppy that looks at you calmly is because it reflects your state of mind. The puppy’s face acts as a mirror and reflects your emotions at all times. If for example you are sad, the dog’s face will reflect sadness. You are going to have to put the batteries and change your state to be able to be happy again.
  • A puppy in dreams when you have been a few days of the most nostalgic translates into a great desire to return to the past. You would love to be small again to spend more time with those people who are no longer there and not have to carry more responsibilities. If there is something in particular in your past that you would like to change, it is also possible that this dream shows you your obsession with trying to change something that has already been done. What you can do is try to fix it.
  • Dreaming of a very angry puppy that barely lets you touch him and also has bad behavior is because bad news is coming. We do not know if they will be issues related to work or your personal life, but we can tell you that if you are smart enough, you will know how to avoid the problem.
  • If, on the other hand, you are lucky enough to dream of a very affectionate and friendly puppy, it is because you are going to have a period of good luck and financial success. They may not be great profits but you did not count on it and they will come in handy. Enjoy your luck and do not waste the goods you receive.
  • When in a dream we see a puppy that is fed by its mother , it is because your wishes are going to be fulfilled. Logically we talk about small wishes such as buying something new or passing an exam.
  • An abandoned puppy is a reflection of your emotions. You feel totally cut off from the people around you and although you do try to protect the people you care about, sometimes you have the feeling of not having anyone to take care of you like that. This is positive on the one hand, because it makes you independent, but it is also true that everyone needs at some point that support that is only found in a few people.
  • The barking of a puppy is a bad sign in dreams. It is usually associated with the presence of bad news, and worst of all, we cannot know what it is about. In this case, the range of possibilities is so great that we can only say that you stay alert.

Conclusion of dreaming about puppies

With these dreams we include the most frequent but not all, as it would be impossible to register all dreams. Each person is different and in the same way dreams vary according to experiences, ways of seeing life and concerns. Try to find all the possible similarities regarding your dream and find out what awaits you in a few days.

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