dream of rabbits

Rabbits are animals of great joy, a lot of tenderness, innocence and a free spirit. That is why they are represented in all fables in a positive way. They bring prosperity and protection, it is because of this that there are so many lucky charms based on rabbits.

The dream of rabbits can be a good omen or a bad omen, everything will depend on the dream you had. If you have recently dreamed of rabbits and you want to know what the meaning is to know the reason for the dream you had then keep reading this article.

Meaning of dreaming about rabbits

  • Dreaming of white rabbits. To have a dream with a white rabbit if we have a partner then it is a good omen. In general, these dreams tend to predict the total fidelity of your partner, so you can rule out any insecurity in this regard.
  • Dreaming of white rabbits when you are single. If you are single and dream of white rabbits in the same way, it is a good omen. In this case it means that you will find the sexual pleasure that you are looking for with certain occasional lovers without necessarily falling into the situation of being in a relationship.
  • Dreaming of white rabbits if you find yourself married. When we are in a slightly more mature and stable relationship, that is, a marriage, dreaming of rabbits means that the home is totally healthy, that it has great harmony and therefore is a completely prosperous home.
  • Dreaming that you are attacking a rabbit. Dreaming about you attacking a rabbit is no longer a synonym of good omen. Since in this case it can warn us that we will be having an argument or fight with a family member or close friend. Keep this in mind after having the dream.
  • Dreaming that you have several rabbits around you. This type of dreams by many people is considered as a premonition, since we rabbits can interpret them as the white and innocent souls of children. So it can be interpreted as an announcement of the arrival of a baby to the family.
  • Dreaming of a rabbit happily eating a carrot. In this case, the dream is still a good omen, but not for love life but for work. This dream in the work part can be a warning about a promotion or recognition for the hard work you have been doing.
  • See in the dream a group of people chasing a rabbit. These types of dreams are not usually the best you can have, as they tend to say that you may have some problems with your close friends. Act with caution after having this dream.
  • Dreaming about seeing a group of rabbits jumping. This dream tends to represent that children will bring happiness into your life. So if you have it, it may be that deep inside you are wanting to start a family to feel like a happy and complete human being.
  • Dreaming that you see a gray rabbit. This type of dream is undoubtedly a very good omen, since dreaming that you see a gray rabbit can tell you that the happiness and full prosperity that you were asking for so much will come to your life.
  • Dreaming that you see a black rabbit. Dreaming of a black rabbit being visualized does not tend to be a very good omen, since this color in itself represents darkness. This type of dream tells us that you will have some complications that can bring you sadness and some sorrow.

Conclusion about dreaming about rabbits

Dreams about rabbits mostly bode well. Since the truth these creatures represent innocence and tenderness in the forest. As long as the rabbit inside the dream is white, it will be a good omen.

At the time of having these dreams, attention should be focused on what the rabbit is doing, what color it is and whether or not the rabbit recognizes your presence. Any of these details could change the interpretation of the dream.

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