To begin with, a lightning bolt could be described as a line coming from a strong natural electrical discharge and that develops towards where it propagates, usually they originate in a storm and dreaming about them is not something very common, its meaning can be interpreted as something negative.

Although rays since ancient times have been seen as a symbol of power and divinity, it is also the one that brings fire and destruction to the earth, that is why dreams with this element can mean sadness, melancholy, need to vent or of seeking protection against something that will happen and a constant fight for something or someone.

These dreams may also suggest that you have some vices that make it difficult for you to leave behind and feel liberated or that you are strongly attached to a person or thing in a dependent way, preventing you from moving forward with tranquility and well-being.

But each interpretation is personal and comes hand in hand with the moments that you are going through in your life, in addition to the context in which the dream developed in order to give the correct meaning and that you can take a positive attitude towards the events that may be present. for showing up.

Meaning of dreaming about lightning

  • Dreaming that we are seeing many lightning strikes: This may mean that you will soon be presented with a series of unfortunate events that are difficult to overcome and that possibly negatively affect our daily lives, as well as our employment and economic capital.
  • Lightning accompanied by a great storm: It is common to see in the dream that strong lightning strikes in addition to being accompanied by black clouds and torrential rain, which represents that you are currently submerged in a depression or with a deep sadness and He feels that he cannot fend for himself, it also symbolizes some hidden fear.
  • Many rays but in a short time they disappear and everything calms down: This can mean that the adversities that you may experience are not as serious as you think.
  • That a magnificent ray of light is observed: This type of dreams does not bring anything negative, on the contrary, it means good luck and positive things, it represents very successful new projects, as well as positive radical changes.
  • With blue ray light: This dream is very particular because it is closely linked to the spirituality of the person, representing that a deeper surrender to the spiritual realm is needed.
  • That the lightning strikes near you: This can be interpreted in a not so positive way because it represents that a project you have underway will have an important negative change, leaving behind all the good luck that you had, it is best to take into Realize this omen and avoid failure.
  • You are struck by lightning: This dream has both positive and negative connotations, on the one hand it can mean that you are a special person and that you are outstanding, on the other hand it represents significant changes in your life, taking different directions in various areas.
  • You are protected by rays: It represents that somehow you will be able to overcome the possible problems that may arise soon, allowing you to grow and be better.
  • The lightning strikes a lightning rod: It symbolizes that you have help or support for a possible problem with which you are linked, it can also mean that you are going to go through a strong economic crisis but you will have your savings at hand to solve it.
  • The lightning strikes your home, object or person: It does not mean anything positive, on the contrary, this is associated with some betrayal by a family member who lives or not with you, but not necessarily a victim of the lightning or also some loss material.
  • To dream that you are in a place where lightning struck before: This dream shows positive things in terms of love life since it signals the appearance of a new love in an unexpected way, awakening new feelings and that will pleasantly surprise you.

Conclusion of dreaming with Rays

Dreams can often show us facts that are about to appear and since they are lightning we have seen that for the most part they are not very positive, that is why when trying to interpret them we can take forecasts and have positive attitudes towards what is to come. 

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