Dreaming of knives will originate according to the moment we are going through, this dream is related to friendship, family and even work relationships. In general, it is a bad omen to dream of knives .

As we already know, knives are sharp cutting tools, and depending on who handles them, there will be a good or bad use of it. Our entire dream will depend on who is manipulating said element and that is where the respective symbologies will be born that will create the different representations of our dream.

Meaning of dreaming about razors

Dreaming of knives can cause both emotional and real wounds in due course, to know what this dream means we must know in depth what happened in it, all the data that occurred there will lead us to know its interpretation.

This dream can represent the way we are living today, if there is violence around us it will be reflected or it can simply bring us memories of some moment in the past that we have lived and can give way to how we will live the future. We could interpret it as the way to cut the moments of yesterday to live the present.

Razor dreams can mean:

  • Use of knives with violence: it can portend bad omens, insecurities or risks. Since there are many types of knives according to their edge, size and use, it will be these elements that determine the result of the interpretation. For example, dreaming of a Victorinox knife shows us that we are cautious people, that we are always willing to get ahead.
  • See razors in the dream: it means that a friend whom you considered loyal may betray you at some point; showing his disloyal and hypocritical face, so it is recommended to be careful and cautious when treating that person or even others that we consider close.
  • Having a razor in your hands: it means closing cycles. When you dream of knives in your hands with people who at some point in life broke your heart, we can interpret that you have to move away from them and continue life, even if it leads to pain even if it is momentary.
  • Sharpen a razor: this dream shows us that we can get ahead in any situation we undertake and in any adversity that comes our way.
  • Handing over a razor or receiving a razor from someone: It means that someone will betray our own trust. It refers to material, spiritual or even mental losses.
  • Razor with edge: it can have two meanings: that we will receive destructive criticism or that we will have conflicts with members of our environment.
  • Blunt razor: we may not get the projects we have in mind; since it lacks the strength to continue what has been undertaken.
  • Injuring yourself with a razor: warns that you cannot start important projects, being responsible in the future, as they will not be executed with success.
  • Shaving with a razor: it can mean that we worry about our appearance but it can also mean that we are afraid of changes, of attack by people, of losing what we have.
  • Razors in the mouth: it means that a cycle will be closed, bring peace and tranquility.
  • Seeing someone else shave: It promises us great success and profit in everything we undertake. If it is a woman who dreams of seeing a man shave, it may mean that he will not be strong to resist any temptation that comes his way.
  • Being attacked with a knife: it reflects that we fear criticism from others, of being cornered in all aspects, either because our personality is closed to these situations, that is, we do not want to be judged and less unfairly.

Conclusion of dreaming about razors

There are many interpretations that we can find when dreaming of knives , each one is relative and can mark the life of the dreamer according to the importance that he or she gives it. It may be that by putting the warning that this dream gives you the correct use, your life will find the necessary direction to succeed in everything you undertake.

Many times the suggestion makes us deprive ourselves of many things out of fear, in any case it is we who have the last word and who decide if we should execute what our mind is suggesting or not.

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