Happiness and fun, as well as sincere love, is announced by dreaming of roses . These flowers in their different colors have different meanings, they symbolize love, desire, passion, purity, among others. They speak for us, when we dream of them we refer to our self relating to other people.

Roses are perhaps the most symbolic flowers, regardless of the country we live in. In the following texts we will discover what your subconscious means when dreaming of red, yellow, white, black, blue, purple or pink roses.

Meaning of dreaming about roses

  • Dreaming about red roses: The meaning of dreaming about red roses is linked to the existence of a new romance in your life. Red or pink roses symbolize femininity, union, romanticism, love and above all passion. They can also represent loyalty, nobility, and fertility.

The roses of this blood red color, denote that you are ready for love, you practically seek to live in a reciprocated relationship that is full of sensuality, affection and passion. But to understand, what is the proper interpretation of this type of dream, think in the context of your real life.

  • White roses dream: The dream of white roses , also depends on the events taking place within the dream and how is this rose, in this case symbolizes death and yet also peace. Others speak of much more special meanings such as prosperity, happiness, and even goodness.

Among other meanings of having dreams with white roses, we find that if someone gives it to us and we also feel sad, it indicates that we will lose something in our life. But if on the contrary, in the dream the withered rose is seen, this reflects that in our life moments of sadness and much pain are coming, either due to death or health.

  • Dreaming of yellow roses: Yellow roses personify the true union of two friends that lasts in time and deep friendship. Therefore, when dreaming of yellow roses , it means that you are realizing that a close man is falling in love with you, being able to be a friend, whose feelings of friendship are changing for a romantic love.

Which of these options will be your case or which will be the correct meaning for you, well you must decide based on the context of what you are currently experiencing in your life.

  • Dreaming of black roses: I understand you, just talking about the color black makes us imagine evil, darkness, problems and it is what has been shown over time. When dreaming of black roses , it means the loss of a friendship or the simple contact with a close individual, these are the cause of fights or it may be that they withdraw from their environment.

Therefore, if you dream of these roses, take into consideration the aforementioned, since it symbolizes the arrival of problems. In the same way they represent hypocritical love or in many other cases infidelity and even bad attitude. In addition to dreaming about them constantly, they indicate death, sadness and separation.

  • Dream of blue roses: The dream of blue roses have different meanings, among which we note that this color is closely related to physical and mental healing humans. Together, it reveals faithfulness in love, compassion, profit, beauty, pleasure, and sensitivity.

If in your dreams you see two blue roses, it indicates that life is teaching you lessons and that you will continue to cope with each situation. When you dream that they give it to you, it symbolizes that many people enter and leave life, some good and some bad, that is why you must learn to differentiate.

  • Dreaming of withered roses: When dreaming of withered or dead roses , they say that an important relationship for you has ended or is about to end. Although roses in general mean love, when they are faded it indicates that your relationship is going through difficult problems to overcome.

Conclusion of dreaming about roses

I hope you have no doubt, do not think about it anymore and if you dreamed of roses of different colors, look in this article for their meaning, so that you have a clear idea of ​​how to interpret it.

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