Scorpions or scorpions, a family of arachnids, also appear in dreams. It is common to find people who feel panic towards these animals, but that does not have to be the reason for their presence in our hours of rest. Curiously, when the scorpion is in grave danger, it stabs itself with its poisonous stinger to end its own life. It is a curious way to react, because your pride does not make you commit that act with a sharp coldness.
Now that you know this animal a little more, we can change the subject, because despite being a very interesting type of animal, today we are going to see what they mean when we dream of them.

Meaning of dreaming with scorpions

  • Dreaming of scorpions has general connotations that speak of betrayal. Someone in your inner circle wants to hurt you. It is likely that everything is the product of envy and that this leads him to hurt you. Watch your possessions and do not brag about them, because you will be putting in danger all the effort that has taken you to get them. The more scorpions in the dream, the more enemies. Fear not, they will not always achieve what they set out to do, in fact, the more natural you are, the less damage they can do to you.
  • When scorpions appear in the dream that do not pay attention to you , and you do not pay attention to them, it is a sign of bad friends. Some of those you consider friends are actually not. Be careful because this means that at any moment you will see how one of them betrays you and behind, another will betray as well. It is a group of selfish friendships that do not suit you at all.
  • Being surrounded by scorpions in dreams once again has a similar meaning to the previous ones. When you feel that overwhelm and fear when you see yourself with no way out, it is because someone wants to hurt you. In this case it is a more discreet betrayal, that is, from behind. It will not be violent at all, because that person will act as one more friend. Try to act the same with everyone and do not react in a violent way, because time puts everyone in their place.
  • By attacking the scorpions to kill them without success, you are transferring feelings that you will experience again later. You will have several obstacles in your life and you will fight to end them, although we cannot assure you of success. These problems or obstacles can be of all kinds, from economic to family. Although in the dream you cannot kill these animals, if you fight with all your strength it is very likely that you will finish with everything that prevents you from moving forward.
  • If you manage to end the scorpion in your dreams it is because in your life you will be able to end everything you set out to do. It symbolizes the triumph, the overcoming and last but not least, it shows your great capacity to advance. You do not get easily carried away by impulses and your character helps you to be happy without anyone getting hurt.
  • In the killing a scorpion who previously attacked to you is because your responsiveness. You know how to give people what they deserve in a fair way, without lowering yourself to their level and knowing at all times how to deal with damage. You know how to face the damages and you assimilate them in a more than reasonable way.
  • When you are attacked by a scorpion without more ado , you have a negative person very close to you. It does not have to be a bad person, but someone who for whatever reason does not do you good. It can even be dangerous, since you can find yourself involved in problems that do not correspond to you and in which you should not interfere. Try to avoid this person and find new friends.

Conclusion of dreaming about scorpions

Dreaming of these animals continuously is associated with personality. You have a shy way of being that prevents you from responding or acting appropriately to any problem that comes your way. Scorpions are a very great danger and in dreams they indicate your lack of daring. Start to face problems and put shyness aside, you will be much happier and everything will be better for you.

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