Although there are thousands of interpretations that we can obtain through dreams related to water, in this case we focus on a specific type of water, sea water. Many times the presence of water is considered above other elements in dreams. This is due to its great importance, since water is the reflection of the soul.

Still, analyzing dreams is quite complex. As we have explained on other occasions, each dream belongs exclusively to its owner, so we cannot specify and establish meanings for each and every one of them. What we do do is try to group dreams into more or less general categories. Within each category we will see how different meanings can exist, since all factors such as the weather, the color of the water or even the mood while dreaming are key elements that can give a 180 degree turn to the dream.

Meanings of dreaming about sea water

  • When you dream of sea water and it is rough, with rough waves, the meaning is very different from the dream in which the water is calm. While in the first case it is identified with some concern, in the second it is related to calm and well-being. Any daily detail that can generate stress or nerves is reflected by the subconscious when you sleep, hence on occasion you feel that overwhelm in the sea when what you want is to rest.
  • If the sea is very rough, that is, you are in a tsunami , the problem that worries you is much greater than in the previous case. We are talking in this case of a more serious situation, it may be due to work or personal pressure or any other problem.
  • If you are at sea and suddenly you find yourself adrift , it simply means that it is the same state in which your life is. You are lost, aimlessly and not knowing what to do. This is a clear wake-up call for you to take charge of your life.
  • When you dream that you are sailing in the sea and we see a storm form before us, it means that some important change is going to occur. These are usually not very serious problems, although it is one of the most reliable predictions. Try to remember who was with you at the time, as these people are often involved in the problem. This does not mean that the people who accompany you will be the cause of the problem, as they are also likely to be victims.
  • If in the dream you fall into the water , it is because your mind reflects the low morale to which it is subjected. This is due to failure or disappointment, which can be both past and future. If, on the other hand, you fall into the water and go to the bottom, it is usually attributed to a change in your life. You are at a time in your life where you must stop to think and make a change.
  • When you drown in the sea dreaming it is because you have so many problems that your body tries to show you that stress and tension through these hours of rest. It is an internal alert of human beings that is very useful to us. Thanks to these dreams, you may realize the importance of enjoying inner peace and harmony.

Conclusion of dreaming about sea water

Dreaming of sea water has different meanings, depending on the type it can be something positive or negative.

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