Dreaming is a necessary and also very interesting activity. People dream at least 7 times a night and although we do not always remember much of them, every detail is of vital importance when analyzing them to know their meaning. Of course, not all dreams are equally revealing. Although it is difficult to remember these visions, it is true that once awake the data is retained much better, so we always recommend writing it down in a small notebook as soon as we can.

In this case we help you to know the meaning of dreaming of terrestrial mollusks, slugs. In each case it can have a different meaning, since there are many factors that influence its interpretation. However, in general, the presence of slugs in dreams is related to negative aspects. The truth is that it is one of the most complex elements to analyze. Generally it is related both to negative emotions that you try to hide and to the achievement of letting go of these emotions or problems.

Depending on your emotions during the dream, the meaning of the dream will vary from the worst to the insurmountable. After all, it is your secrets, experiences and state of mind that your mind tries to show you through other elements. Next we are going to detail a little more a couple of situations in which you can find slugs in dreams.


Meaning of dreaming about slugs

  • If you feel relieved when dreaming about slugs, it is because as we explained before, you have managed to get rid of, or are working on it, some very heavy ballast. It can be treated from a pending subject to some endless project or complex stage. If in the dream you also observe the shell of the snail on one side and the free slug on the other, it is because you are already free. Do not let problems sap your morale, because in the same way that you have been able to get rid of the previous burden, you will be able to do it with those that will come in the future.
  • When instead of relief you feel a bit of anxiety and loneliness , it means that you are going to need external support. Your way of being may be something more reserved than usual. You are an independent person who likes to do things for himself and much more, to achieve goals. Although it is true that you have always known how to function alone, it is time to learn to trust and value those around you. There is nothing wrong with having some help, in fact, very soon you will need that support for a project or idea that you have in mind. Put aside your pride and enjoy the advantages of teamwork, sometimes it is much better to have help.
  • Dreaming that you step on a slug is associated with success over some kind of fear or problem. In these dreams you are overcoming the fears that prevent you from continuing with your life and achieving your goals. This is one of the most positive and favorable cases that you can find with these animals. Enjoy this stage of improvement and if you want to start any new project such as a career, a master’s degree or a revolutionary idea, this is your moment.

Conclusion of dreaming about slugs

Although not many, these are the most common cases in which we have managed to catalog the presence of slugs in dreams. We hope that in your experience you only have positive dreams and that the slugs bring you that liberation or success that we mentioned before.

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