As we have explained on occasion, dreaming of an element can really have a meaning or be a simple copy of the reality that our subconscious shows us. If, for example, you dream that you are swimming when it is a hobby that you love or you have just finished swimming, you have seen a swimmers movie or anything in your environment is related to swimming, it is one of those dreams in which the meaning little it has to do with the element.

If you have not had anything to do with swimming and have dreamed of it then you can carefully read the points in which we explain the different dreams and their meanings. This is important to clarify because many people cross out the dream interpretations as false, when in reality it is a misunderstanding or analysis. Not all dreams are endowed with great meanings nor can we know them all, so you will have to do a memory exercise to remember all the possible details and find the most similar context to your dream in the following paragraphs.

Meaning of dreaming about swimming

  • When in dreams you swim in calm sea water, it is because you are going to have great success in the professional field. This will allow you to improve your income and therefore your quality of life. You will have to use this money wisely, since it is true that we all like to indulge ourselves but it would also be convenient to save or invest that money so that in the long term it turns out to be profitable. You don’t have big worries and as long as you follow our advice, you will be much happier both now and in the future.
  • If what stands out about the water in which you swim is that it is clear and fresh , it means that all those problems that for months and even years have been tormenting you, are going to disappear little by little. It doesn’t have to be anything serious, but it does involve aspects that are uncomfortable for you and that you want to leave behind. All you have to do is continue to act according to logic and you will see how it is a matter of days the storm begins to clear.
  • To dream that the force of the sea prevents you from swimming to the shore is because you are going to be involved in serious problems from which it will be very difficult to get out. It is very likely that some of these problems are caused by a third party, although you will pay the consequences like the most. Don’t get carried away by the majority and when you don’t want to do something, don’t do it. It is very easy to give in to social pressure and find yourself in no-fair trouble. If you want to reduce these situations, you already know what you have to do, bring out your personality and decide for yourself.
  • If you have dreamed that you were swimming in the open sea with a big swell and without a lifeguard , you are going to suffer a lot in the coming months. You will have quite negative news and it is also usually accompanied by great disorientation. You will not know very well what to do and you will be overwhelmed by events. If you are not strong enough you will need a lot of support, because you will sink little by little and you may suffer depression. The best thing you can do is value yourself more and recognize all your effort, regardless of the result. Although many times we fight for something and we do not achieve it, we will never know if the next time will be different. It is precisely for this reason that you should never lose hope and keep fighting.
  • Swimming in shallow water symbolizes sadness and lack of motivation. You need some kind of encouragement or strength to make you move and go deep where there are more opportunities. You are a person who tends to fear changes and this means you stay where you are. This way of being does not allow you to move forward and makes you feel bad. You’re going to have a really bad time if you don’t start changing your attitude right away.
  • If in the dream you did not know how to swim no matter how hard you tried and you finally drowned , someone around you will suffer a misfortune that will affect you too. It can be an accident that seriously damages your health, although it does not have to be related to this issue, as it can also be a sentimental failure or a project with bad results. Either way, this matter will splatter on you. Do not get carried away and help that person as much as possible, because if you also lose hope, both of you will suffer more than you should.
  • When your dream focuses on drowning it is because luck will not be on your side for the next few days or weeks. Avoid risking your money in games of chance because you will lose everything you invest and do not put your economy at risk. If you were thinking of requesting a raise or promotion, it would be better to wait a little longer and do something that really shows your worth, in this way you save a refusal and it will be your superiors who offer you the opportunities.
  • Saving someone’s life in dreams because they were drowning means just the opposite of the previous case, you will have a period of luck that will even surprise you. Happiness will flood your life in all aspects and you will once again have that illusion to live and that smile that was so hidden. Now is your time, enjoy and don’t stop smiling.
  • Learning to swim is interpreted in dreams as a great step on the part of the dreamer towards independence and maturity. If this is your case, you are going to experience a progressive change that will make you value reality in a different way and will allow you to grow as a person. Sometimes it is difficult to realize what we have, but if we stop to think about it and analyze the situation of many other people, our empathy and generosity will improve, which will also make you a totally new person. Best of all, we are talking about a natural change in which you have decided to immerse yourself.
  • If in the sentimental field you are a lucky person and you dream that you swim in clean water , very soon you will be lucky to formalize your relationship a little more. From a move to a marriage proposal or the news of a baby. Your relationship is undoubtedly envious (healthy) of all your friends, because you are sincere and respectful, which makes you unique.
  • Finally, if you were dreaming about participating in a swimming competition, it is because all that effort and dedication that seemed in vain will soon bear fruit. You will be rewarded by reaching the goals that you had set for yourself from the beginning and you will feel very proud of yourself, something that from time to time never hurts. Enjoy your deserved medals in life and do not stop fighting for your dreams.

Conclusion of dreaming about swimming

As with the rest of dream elements, its meaning varies depending on the feelings, the moment in life in which it appears or even according to what you have done recently. All these variables are impossible to calculate, although in most cases our interpretations work perfectly, so we encourage you to discover the meaning of your dreams and thus be able to prepare for what is coming.

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