To discover the meaning of a dream , we must know what it is to dream and what they are for: they are repressed desires for events that in reality you cannot achieve, but you yearn for it so much that the moment you sleep you dream of that desire.

Tattoos are symbols, texts or drawings, which represent our identity. In the case of Dreaming about tattoos , it can be interpreted in various ways, such as freedom, rebellion, self-love, being different from the rest of society.

Meaning of dreaming about tattoos

  • To dream that we get a tattoo: it means that we want to impress the people around us. They interpret that you want to be identified or by who you really want to be. And if in real life you do not like tattoos, it does not mean that you do.
  • Dreaming that we tattoo a dragon: it indicates that we strive to stand out above the rest, especially in the workplace. Dragons in Asian culture symbolize wisdom, inner energy and are related to our instincts and character.
  • Dreaming that our partner gets a tattoo: it suggests that our partner is trying to communicate and we are not paying attention. Perhaps we had argued, which generated a strong tension between the two. It makes us think that we must smooth the rough edges and not break the special bond with our better half.
  • To dream that we have a tattoo that we do not really have: it is related to our emotional and work instability, obstacles will arise that we will face on a daily basis. But we must face it.
  • Dreaming that a tattoo is erased: they represent all the bad times we have gone through, past events and the decisions we have made, they determine our present and future. We must learn from our mistakes and the duty to face them. We cannot be stagnant because of the mistakes we have made, not look back and move forward.
  • Dreaming of tattoos of another person: is to see their true self, despite the fact that in reality they appear to be another type of person.
  • Dreaming of tattoos on the arms: especially in the right, it is an alert from your subconscious, alerting you to a pending issue, all your hidden skills that you need to go outside, to show your talents and excel in your daily life.
  • Dreaming of tattoos on the left arm: having little social life. It is the way in which he tells you that you must make a change in your life.
  • Dreaming of tattoos on the chest: love as a couple, how your level of affection is linked to that special being.
  • Dreaming of a tattoo in the shape of a rose: It encompasses several aspects. The color, stem (long), difficulty (thorns) and how they influence your life in all aspects: intimate, professional, social / family.
  • Dreaming of tattoos on the back: show your legacy, the path that you are tracing with your decisions, affections and actions. It is characterized by size, you liked it, it scared you, you are comfortable. It’s the way you feel, if you’re on the right track.
  • Dreaming of a tattoo on the face: in this it shows your insecurity, vanity, arrogance and all those attitudes, just for wanting to draw attention to yourself.
  • Dreaming of tattoos on the legs or feet: represents your personality in the present and shapes your soul. It is the focus that you project into your future and reflects how well you feel at ease with your spirituality or not.
  • Dreaming of a neck tattoo: it is the way you communicate with others, how you express yourself, they perceive you, what you show the world.
  • Dreaming that a tattoo disappears: it is interpreted as the disappearance of an emotional wound, or an action that left a very significant mark on your existence. It will depend on whether this event was positive or harmful.
  • Dreaming of a tattoo on the whole body: this represents your addiction to work, you only think how to stand out before others and only your professional life matters, leaving aside your social and family life.

Conclusion of dreaming about tattoos

In conclusion, dreaming about tattoos represents your arduous desire to stand out from the rest and be taken into account in different areas. It also refers to the scars that experiences have left us and that are difficult to forget. It is vital that we make a clean slate in order to evolve and live fully.

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