Dreaming of thieves can bring different meanings, depending on the circumstance and the context with which they are had. Many people often associate these types of dreams with a nightmare and they often cause a lot of despair. However, being clear about the symbolic meaning they have can be a great relief.

There are different ways to dream about thieves and each of these dreams can have a very different representative meaning in each of its various variations in which they are shown.

Meaning of dreaming about thieves

The meanings of these dreams can come in different ways and each of them can have a totally different meaning, although all of them are usually related to the constant fear that one of your valuable belongings will be taken away, whether material or not. The dreams thieves can mean:

  • Dreaming that a thief steals something from you : These dreams are usually represented directly with the loss of a friend. Some material theft, which will lose a trial or some truly unbearable event. It can also mean that you are very low in morale due to various problems.
  • To dream that you see that a thief steals something : This can be represented directly with an extramarital encounter between a lover. Some kind of relationship will remain between you regardless of the marital situation that both of you have.
  • Dreaming that you stop a thief before he steals something : This dream specifically can be taken quite negatively. It usually denotes disappointment by some event in general, or that you are simply not happy with life itself.
  • Dreaming that you are a thief : It has two possible meanings. The first is that it shows the personal fear of losing something that cost you too much to win. In short, it is a deep sense of insecurity, in which we can even believe that we do not deserve everything we have.

The other meaning comes in a more personal way when it comes to relationships. It means that you have the thought that you have exceeded some kind of limit in a relationship situation with your own partner.

  • Dreaming that you are the hostage of some thief: This dream is considered one of the deepest when dreaming of thieves. It means that other people (be it friends, family or colleagues) are overspending what you have been saving all your life.

It means that everything you have worked for throughout your life is being exhausted by someone you know. It can refer to your personal monetary savings, the ideas you have had, the energies you have invested or the time you have invested in all these tasks.

  • To dream that you are a thief and you are being chased by the police: This dream purely means a confrontation against your greatest enemies. It may signify an upcoming conflict that has plagued you for some time. It can also mean a great reversal of fortune in some type of business that you are doing.
  • Dreaming that a thief enters our house: It represents a very positive change for our work life. It can mean a promotion, or a job change that can be highly productive for our person and our personal life.
  • To dream that a thief robbed our house in our absence: Its meaning can emphasize suspicions or doubts that we have regarding different situations or people. It makes us think that someone is taking full advantage of the trust we give them on a daily basis.

In turn, it is considered as a kind of warning from the subconscious that tells us that we must open our eyes to this use to prevent it from further harming us. It confirms that we know internally that something is wrong and we must take action to fix it.

Conclusion of dreaming about thieves

Of so many types of dreams, it can be said that this is the one that presents the most personal symbols regarding insecurities and problems with trust. They represent, in most cases, the constant fear of losing some very valuable possession for us and are usually attributed to the fears of each person.

However, it must be clarified that if there was an experience close to a robbery, or a thieves movie or something like that was seen, dreaming of thieves does not mean anything, since they are repercussions of our memory that do not symbolize any insecurity .

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