When you have dreams where you live a catastrophe, it is normal to feel anguish when you think about what it may mean for your life. Dreaming of tornadoes falls into the category of maddening due to the destructive power that this natural event carries. This dream usually occurs when we have just received news that generates anxiety.

The analyzes of dreaming about tornadoes vary according to the context where the dream is experienced since, although this type of dreams is always a warning that there will be radical changes in your life, it can also represent emotional imbalances and even destructive behaviors and depressive processes .

Tornado dream meanings

  • Dreaming of a tornado of water: although this dream refers to periods of tranquility in your life, what the subconscious seeks is to alert you that there is something in your environment that is about to break or alter said tranquility.

Again it refers to changes that are going to disturb the calm with which you have been carrying your day to day, putting your ability to face and overcome difficulties to the test. This dream alerts you to changes that are coming, so that you are not caught off guard.

  • Dreaming of a wind tornado: Although this dream clearly indicates that you are going through strong changes in your life, it focuses directly on the attention you need to pay in order not to be affected by emerging situations. You must accept that these changes you face are final.

The subconscious is warning you that you must be alert and have active senses to face the new challenges that are coming. It represents your ability to evaluate alternatives and consider different options to face new challenges.

  • Dreaming of a tornado and rain: if you are going through the illness or loss of a loved one, this dream indicates that you are living moments of deep sadness where it is difficult for you to accept what is happening. It denotes muteness and the habit of closing in on himself and not communicating what he feels.

On the other hand, it is also associated with depressive states that assail you for some situation that you cannot solve in your life and that causes you a lot of pain. Confusion and nostalgia are also reflected in this dream as part of the emotional process we are going through.

  • Dreaming of a tornado that causes floods: the interpretation of this dream is key depending on your attitude to the event. Generally, a tornado accompanied by a flood refers specifically to conflicts that are important to you.

If during sleep you can swim and be safe from the flood caused by the tornado, it means that you will be able to get out of that difficult situation you are going through. You feel like you are drowning and burdened with many responsibilities and you don’t know how to start clearing the picture.

  • Dreaming of an electric tornado: this dream represents the changes that have affected the stability in your life and translates into the helplessness you feel when you cannot act quickly to solve or adapt to the new situation. You feel like your hands are tied and you can’t act to fix something.

One way to interpret this dream is that you are considering alternatives to face a challenge but none of them generates enough confidence to carry it out. It is a warning that you must remain calm so as not to affect your family and work stability.

Conclusion of dreaming about tornadoes

Obviously the interpretations that we give to dreams are not necessarily always correct in their entirety and if you tend to dream of tornadoes it is important that you take into account all the aspects that develop during the dream.

That is why your actions and decisions during sleep are a clear indication of how you feel every time you are presented with a particularly difficult challenge and of your way to quickly emerge from that situation and strengthened.

In addition to all the analyzes that are given to dreams where a tornado happens, it is normal that after having witnessed in some part of the world a country or locality affected by this disaster, since it symbolizes the fear that represents losing the stability of the home , work or family.

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