Nature is always present in our lives that is why dreaming of trees is a symbol of internal connection with ourselves, these at the same time signify immortality and evolution, which are in constant growth throughout their lives.

They are directly related to the economic area, employment and material goods that the person possesses, so you must be very attentive to the details in which each dream unfolds because that will change its meaning.

Meaning of dreaming about trees

  • Dreaming of tall and big trees: the subject places great value on life, makes the most of it, enjoying every second of it that is given to him or her, that is why every day you are grateful for the good and the bad that happen to you.

You just have to keep one detail in mind and that is that when this abundance is reflected through a forest of trees, the person also feels overwhelmed by so much success, it is better to take a break and head off to avoid getting lost in so many benefits.

  • Dreaming of withered trees: in the dream it may be that the tree is losing its leaves and how this symbolizes the male part of nature as it is indicating that the person is mentally poor and little by little it is falling into failure because you cannot fulfill your goals.
  • Dreaming of fruit trees: when it is loaded and full of fruits you are having a prosperous and economically abundant life, the daily activities that you are developing are leaving you very good income, you are also relating to a person who drives your growth.
  • Dreaming of flowering trees: right at this point the person goes to a purely emotional plane where he expresses that he is living a stage of immense joy in his personal relationships.
  •  Dreaming of green and leafy trees: a dream with these characteristics evokes our good health and well-being, you are far from having a disease and if you are going through one it indicates that you will have an excellent recovery.

Likewise, if you dream that the tree is losing its leaves, then you must be aware because there is some factor that is weakening your strength and physical well-being, it is related to health because the tree loses its vitality.

  • Dreaming of sitting in the shade of a tree: you are under the wisdom and protection of someone close to you who cares about your well-being, their support is very important so as not to get carried away by impulses.
  • Dreaming of olive trees: this type of aboles represent peace, fruitfulness of the person and above all it shows the inner strength required to achieve their victories throughout their lives.
  • Dreaming of oak trees: when you have this variety of tree within the dream, you are mentioning characteristics that are very typical of the person’s personality, such as the strength and wisdom that they have acquired throughout their personal growth.
  • Dreaming of climbing a tree: within the indications of work life reflected through dreams, this is one of them because it represents the way in which the person tirelessly fights to achieve their objectives, goals, dreams in their professional development.

It is also true that if during the dream he falls from the tree it is because he is letting himself be carried away by fear and must face this situation before it is too late because his fight may end in failure.

  • Dreaming of fallen trees: standing in front of the tree and being able to look at its roots while you do not have any negative feelings is a manifestation that you are overcoming emotional conflicts.

We know that their first sign is of bad omens, but you can interpret them in a positive way because it can also be a warning that a person with envy is going to approach your life.

Conclusion of dreaming about trees

Within a spiritual plane it is considered that the trees indicate a duality because just as they can be of good they can be of evil, all according to how the revelations that include trees are generated.

As well as the continuous and discontinuous because it can also represent a person or group so it can generate doubts in those who have dreams related to trees, it is important that you pay attention to the details so that you can discern what your subconscious is trying to make you understand .

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