The oneiric has always represented a giant movie screen of different scenes and whose meanings we cannot find an explanation, but no matter how illogical and crazy dreams may mean for us, for our subconscious it is a way of recognizing signals. The mind is powerful, and we cannot deduce the entire message it gives us, but we can at least partially recognize the meanings of some things, such as dreaming about turtles.Dreaming of animals is sometimes related to the present, which tells us about certain moments or cases that can help us explain what happens in some moments of our lives or give us an idea. Turtles are animals that represent longevity, patience and wisdom, which is related to the years that the animal can live.

Many say that dreaming about them is a symbol of good luck and that the future holds good times related to success and prosperity. However, each act or action of the turtle within the dream can mean something totally different from what it represents. Here we will tell you what it is and how to know how to interpret the actions of such a curious animal.

What meaning does the turtle have within my dream?

The turtle represents for many cultures the symbol of elemental matter, such as water and land, as it can live on the surface as well as on the seabed. Its long life span has made it a long-lived animal, and therefore it is an animal that lives, observes and learns everything over the years or centuries. They can live for thousands of years even. Therefore, it is not curious that when dreaming about turtles we think that we are linked to the positive.

Turtles are also beings that live life slowly; one step at a time. So this way of walking is also linked to prudence, which calculates safe ground and allows the correct use of decisions on the path of life. So dreaming of turtles and having them appear in your dreams represents that good things will appear in your life and your family environment, the arrival of good luck and a new beginning. But this can vary, if you dream of living or dead turtles, if they bite you, if they just walk, etc.,

Types of dreams with turtles

According to the way in which they appear, are shown or made, a series of meanings becomes. Here’s an expanded list and what it can mean:

  • Dreaming that a turtle bites you: Turtles do not have teeth, but that does not mean that they can give you great pain when one of them feels the threat and tends to bite you even with their calm and slow appearance. To dream that a turtle bites you can mean that someone close to you wants to hurt you, in whatever way. If a turtle addresses you quickly, it is because it is a little known person but jealous of you, but if it is slow, it can be such an intimate friend that it calculates and slowly plans the perfect damage. It can be from all areas such as family and personal.
  • Dreaming of a small turtle: The simple fact of dreaming of small turtles does not have a totally clear meaning in itself. It is simply associated with what the turtle does or does not do that you can tell what might happen. In itself, dreaming of a small turtle is associated with the magnitude of what happens. For example, if you dream of a small turtle that runs, it is because you run away from a third party that you know little about, but that does not represent anything positive in life. Or if you dream of a little turtle that nothing only represents the desire for a little break away from work. It all depends on what happens.
  • Dreaming of dead turtles: It is undoubtedly something highly related to an anguish or a terrible feeling that can indeed occur. Dreaming of dead turtles is related to the nightmare, and heralds unfortunate events or mourning. It depends on the size of it, we can know if the person who will no longer be there will be someone we know or very close to. Very rarely do turtles announce the death of a relative. It can also be related to a situation towards you, such as that you are a fragile and sensitive person who can easily be hurt, so dreaming of them in that state of rigor mortis represents a personal problem that you have no solution.
  • Dreaming of newborn turtles: Dreaming of newborn turtles can mean your desire to have a child or consolidate your family, especially if you are married or in training for a life as a couple. This can also be related if you dream of turtles that mate and then have young, as this means the consummate act that finally results from the birth of new beings in the family. According to beliefs, if you dream of newborn turtles and at the moment they grow enormously, it means that you will have twins or twins.
  • Dreaming of a water turtle: Water turtles are beings that cannot live on land, and therefore their only area is the sea. Dreaming of water or sea turtles means that you are looking for a break in your work life; vacation or a walk that releases stress. If you dream that the sea turtle rises to the surface and dies, it refers to a stress or worry at work that prevents you from enjoying the little breaks.

Conclusion of dreaming about turtles

The meaning of dreams are incredible but if your dream is conditioned if you have seen or had a turtle with you awake, it means that then, your dream does not represent anything important.

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