Dreaming of visions is something that is not done frequently, but something that must be taken into account is that when you dream of visions, they come true, the only way to verify it is when they happen to you after having it. dreamed of.

But how do I know it is a vision and not just a dream? Well, simply, having happened in your real life after having dreamed it, it would indicate that it was a vision.

Meaning of dreaming about visions

In reality, there is no other type of explanation for these types of dreams, they go straight to the point, which is a bit scary to think that we people can have that power to see the future, of course, without having control of it or know when we will have those types of dreams.

These dreams come loaded with pleasant sensations, with the knowledge that it is going to come, but when dreaming of visions it usually indicates that there is a kind of fear towards what may come to us in the future, as well as our projects and the connection that we have in the field. labor.

These situations of intrigue of knowing what is going to happen with something or what the future will bring us after so much effort, as I said, cannot be controlled, but if it happens it is very gratifying to dream it.

The future is so unpredictable, so why do we dream it? The brain is a very powerful organ, there are even studies that confirm that only 5% of it has been used in the history of humanity, so much so that they indicate that a use of up to 20% could show powers such as guessing or even telekinesis.

Among many investigations it has been possible to affirm that people who plan their future a lot or all their activities tend to have this type of vision dreams, they are people who like to anticipate events and know how they can end.

If you are one of the people who dream visions, you are a very intuitive person, many studies relate the sixth sense that is usually more developed in these people, are you one of those people? So I congratulate you, you are not so common that we say, that does not mean that you are a strange person, only peculiar what makes you interesting.

Dreaming is something that can be given easily, there are dreams that simply say absolutely nothing or that we do not take importance and there are dreams that give us signals, precisely because there are perceptions in our brain precisely of our subconscious that makes us see what we want. Sound.

Another way to explain it, these dreams would be the premonitions that one has when sleeping, some sign that something bad is going to happen, for example there are people who plan to take a vacation and days before they begin to have dreams that the plane is going to fall or they will have a serious injury because of it.

Many people can even stop doing their activities to prevent them. There are visions with higher entities or saints, these are a good omen, because they indicate that there will be many successes and a lot of health in the future, you recover your energies and you will have a better perception of what surrounds you, all for the better.

There are people and not many who usually have this type of dreams with visions, many have been able to control this type of qualities a bit, which makes people who may wish situations that can be fulfilled in real life. Isn’t it incredible?

Conclusions of dreaming with visions

A person who usually dreams visions, is a very autonomous person, capable of deciding what to do or who is in control of his life in a strict way, nowadays people who have these practices while dreaming, are more connected with their emotions and what that they want to perceive in their life.

In the case of dreaming visions and you are with a partner, it would indicate that there is instability in your relationship, trying to solve it will not make anything change, they are visions, therefore they will occur in the near or very distant future.

Visions are a totally interesting world, we all want to have more control of these dreams, to the point of knowing what to dream and what you want so much for your future, it would be incredible to be able to live it more often.

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