Dreaming of animals is more common than it may seem, but insects are even more frequent. From ants to worms to butterflies, the animal kingdom appears in our dreams to signal us to change our habits, to meet more people, or to signal good luck. Today in particular we are talking about the presence of wasps in dreams, a most annoying insect that can cause real terror in certain people.
Wasps are insects that, like the rest of the elements, have their own meaning. The real difficulty comes when it comes to analyzing the dream and finding its meaning, since each person is different and therefore, dreams are also the most disparate. Anyway, we have collected the most common cases in which we usually dream of wasps so that at least they have an interpretation as accurate as possible.

Meaning of dreaming about wasps

  • In general, wasps are not a good sign. The mere presence of wasps in a dream usually predicts future problems with a friendship, the breakdown of a romantic relationship. Pride is usually one of the first causes of these problems. Now you know, if you are proud and have dreamed of wasps, measure your words and actions.
  • If you have dreamed of a wasp sting and you are also a woman, it is possible that there is some envy in your environment. In some cases this jealousy comes from another woman who is interested in the same person as you. If you have a partner, be careful with friendships, because someone else wants to have you. Although the sting does not occur in the dream, if you were so close to the nest that you could hear the annoying noise of the flapping, the same meaning applies.
  • When there are several wasps that sting you, the interpretation is the same as the general one. Some problems may appear, although not very serious. Do not worry because in a matter of time they will disappear and you will not even need help from others.
  • Have you seen the sting of the wasp in dreams? This can have a double explanation. You may have recently had an argument in which you were not right and you have not known how to give in and acknowledge your mistake. On the other hand, you may not be ready for a conflict that will appear in no time. Be careful because your enemies will be well prepared to sink you emotionally.
  • When you kill a wasp in a dream, it is because you are taking control of the situation. You are in charge of your life and you know what you need at all times. If you are also at a time in your life in which you have been bothered for any reason recently, you will know how to return the play and get away with it.
  • We don’t always look for good friendships. It’s not so much about whether or not that person is good, but how you fit in with them. It may simply not suit you on an emotional level, as each person is like a piece of a hard-to-find puzzle. If in your dreams you were trying to scare away a few wasps and you couldn’t get rid of them, it is precisely because you have close friends that you should get rid of. Whether they are negative friends or not people who fit in with you, look for new relationships that give you fresh air.
  • You will have to watch your friends closely when you dream that you are chased by wasps. Well this dream is nothing more than simple betrayal by those around you. It can be both friends and family or even co-workers. Don’t let your guard down and avoid this unnecessary damage.
  • When you are the one who provokes the anger of the wasps by hitting their nest, it is because your personality is somewhat rebellious. Calm is not your thing, you like the fuss and it has caused you some problems in your life, in fact, it is possible that your conscience is reminding you of a bad performance.

Conclusion of dreaming about wasps

If the hornet’s nest appears in the dream without you getting very close or without you touching it, it is a simple alert. You will have to make very careful decisions from now on, as the consequences of a bad decision can be fatal.

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