Dreaming of water is more common than it seems, since we all dream of it at some point. This is basically due to its great importance in terms of symbology. Water in dreams is nothing other than the mirror of the soul. It shows us our state of mind and helps us to change.

When we dream it is normal not to remember all the details, however, when dreams are repeated over and over again it is possible that each time you retain more details. When this happens we can already focus on the analysis of aspects such as temperature, quantity, environment or even its transparency.

Meaning of dreaming about water

  • Dreaming of calm waters is a symbol of peace and tranquility. A period of total calm and happiness is approaching your life, you will not have to worry about anything and everything will develop without any problem. Also, if the water is clean it is because success will become part of your life in a matter of time. You will be comfortable with yourself and accept the rest without any regard.
  • As strange as it may seem, dreaming that you are walking on water is nothing from another world. This curious dream means that you can achieve everything you set your mind to. From small personal goals like quitting smoking to big projects like starting a business, nothing will come before your effort and determination.
  • When you dream of dirty water and something messy, you should be more careful than you are now. You are not at a good time to make decisions, you should be cautious and stop to reflect before anything else. Otherwise, your whole life can take a not very pleasant turn. Another of the most common options is to associate this type of water with the appearance of problems or with low self-esteem. If you feel down and unmotivated, make an effort to change it, nothing that you can’t fix with a little decisiveness.
  • The boiling water symbolizes a stroke of luck, especially in gambling. If you want to take advantage of these days, you can try a casino, at bingo or with a simple game of cards as a family. It’s about enjoying playing and not obsessing over money.
  • When dreaming you find yourself in the center of a tidal wave or even the force of the water sinks you, it is because some problems will appear in your life. A complicated situation is going to present itself to you in a matter of days, but don’t worry, it will be nothing that you cannot control. Everything will be a matter of mentalizing yourself and facing the situation that is presented to you.
  • When the dream becomes unpleasant and you experience the horrible vision of a flood, it is because you are in a somewhat complex moment. Your life is not right now a bed of roses and you know it very well. The positive side is your ability to overcome, you are trying to fight against all problems and it is a matter of time before everything changes.
  • If you find yourself in a place that is slowly beginning to flood, it is because someone is trying to hurt you. Somehow or other that person will look for a way to harm you. It is something that you cannot control, much less avoid, but you can ruin it. The satisfaction that these negative people get is proportional to your anger, therefore, they get very upset when they don’t get it. Ignore these types of acts and downplay them.
  • In some recurring dreams the amount of water is much more manageable . It is usually treated from bathtubs to glasses of water. In these cases its interpretation is associated with a pure personality and character. You have a way of being that can with everything. Over time you have proven to be a tough nut to crack. If you also have a project in mind, don’t worry because it will go well for you. Do not get carried away by nerves and show what you are worth.
  • Dreaming of calm water and a boat that seems entirely at your disposal is a sign of relaxation. There can be two most contradictory interpretations. On the one hand, it is possible that you are in a period of stress and that your mind tries to make you see the need to rest, while the second option is exactly the opposite. It usually happens when you do nothing and you find yourself in moments of relaxation, calm and reflection.
  • The stagnant and smelly water is bad omen. It is very likely that you are being the victim of some deception or betrayal. It doesn’t have to be this way, but if in a couple of days you have a brush with someone from your most intimate environment, you should make an effort to control your impulses. If you have the necessary self-control, you will avoid a most uncomfortable situation and also your friendship will also learn to empathize a little more.

Conclusion of dreaming about water

These are some of the most popular interpretations when it comes to water. This does not mean that if your dream does not fit, it is not a dream with meaning, but that it does not fall into the category of the most common. Do not miss the meaning of dreaming of clean, crystalline or even sea water.

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