dream of watermelon

The dream of watermelon s can have several meanings according to the context that is present in the dream. We must say that watermelon is the fruit of fertility. It is also called water melon, due to its high water content, and it is an ideal fruit to cool off.

Next, we can see some of the meanings of dreaming about watermelons .

Watermelon dream interpretations

When we dream of watermelons, it is generally a dream of a positive character, since it is a fruit that gives energy, refreshes and represents fertility.

However, it is important to note that the meaning of the dream may vary according to the way in which the watermelon is presented. Next we will make a list about what it means to dream of watermelons .

  • Dreaming of a field of watermelons: It means that very soon there will be a new birth in the family, or it may even happen to a close friend.
  • Dreaming of many watermelons: It means that at that moment we are going through a very fertile moment. If you are looking for a pregnant woman and you have this dream, it means an omen that you will soon become pregnant.
  • Dreaming of eating watermelon: This dream is quite positive, since it predicts that the projects we have will soon be fulfilled and that they will also be quite successful, giving us quite a few profits.
  • Dreaming that we carry a watermelon and it falls: This dream augurs that the projects we have in mind will not go as planned and will end up falling. If the fall, in addition to falling, breaks, it means that in spite of everything, the projects will go ahead with effort.
  • Dreaming of watermelon cut on a plate: It means that we will live a very passionate moment with our partner very soon. In case you do not have partners, perhaps soon you will meet someone with whom things are going too well and start to have a relationship.
  • Dreaming of a broken watermelon: It means that we will have many problems when doing the things we want.
  • Dreaming of buying watermelon: It means infidelity.
  • Dreaming of watermelon cut in half: This represents that if we have any need at this time, it will be attended to very soon and we can solve it without major inconvenience.
  • Dreaming of watermelon seeds: It means that very soon we will live happy moments with those close to us.
  • Dreaming that a watermelon breaks while pregnant: This is very bad, since if a woman who is on a treadmill dreams that a watermelon breaks, it is an alert that she may have an abortion.
  • Dreaming of pale red watermelon: This represents that there will be an improvement in our lives; however this will happen slowly.
  • Dreaming of a giant watermelon: Indicates that we are close to achieving those recognitions or goals for which we have not worked so hard.
  • Dreaming of growing watermelon: This symbolizes that we are going to be successful in whatever we set out to do.
  • Dreaming of watermelon cut into several pieces: It means that you and the people around you will do well and that you will be able to enjoy the moment of well-being that is approaching together.
  • Dreaming of swallowing watermelon seeds: It means that very soon problems will arise in our life, but it will not be something that we cannot solve.
  • Dreaming of cutting watermelon : It represents that we will probably have problems in our family very soon and this will be because of us. Perhaps you should reflect a bit on this.
  •  Dreaming of watermelon that is not ripe: It means that we still have a long way to go to achieve those things that we are proposing.

Watermelon dream conclusion

Now, you already know the different meanings of what it is to dream of watermelon . In most cases it means positive things; however there are some contexts where this is a bad thing and we have to be concerned.

Through this list of interpretations you will be able to understand what it really means when you dream of watermelons and determine the reason why this happens, to solve it. We hope that through this list you can determine what your dreams mean.

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