Weddings, those big events and supposedly the best day of the bride and groom’s life. It is not surprising then that weddings are repeated over and over again in dreams. Whether you dream that you are getting married yourself or that you are going to someone’s wedding, there is some hidden meaning. It is true that these dreams occur more in women, and it is that for many of them this day is so important that they come to suffer real moments of stress, both due to the organization of weddings and the desire to celebrate it.

Meaning of dreaming about weddings

  • To dream that you are going to a wedding when you are single is a sign of freedom. You are happy as you are right now and you do not need any kind of commitment to feel complete. However, if you have dreamed that you were going to a wedding and you are really already married, it is translated as the approximation of problems. It is very possible that in this case you will have some unpleasant surprises, especially in the family environment.
  • If you have seen dreaming that you were getting married, it is a bad sign. It is associated with death, but it does not have to be yours if not that of anyone in your immediate environment. As ironic as it may seem, if the person in charge of the wedding dresses completely in black, the meaning takes a 180 degree turn and it would become positive.
  • When in dreams you do not receive any family support , that is, you do not have the approval for your partner, much less for the wedding, it is because your subconscious probably shows you the reality. Deep down you know that no matter how much you love that person, you have very different personalities and that makes living together very difficult. This situation can lead to problems even with your family or friends, think carefully about each step you take in your love life.
  • Dreaming that your partner is marrying another person can have a double interpretation. On the one hand, it is associated with a breakup or a serious problem that is difficult to overcome as a couple. Meanwhile, the other meaning refers to a lack of security and trust in the relationship. If this happens it may be due to your lack of self-esteem, but if you stop to think, it is with you and that is for some reason. Regain your faith in yourself and don’t let a few simple fears end your marriage.
  • Attending as a guest to an ex’s wedding is not pleasant, and in dreams it is not good news. The truth is that they are not bad either, but they do translate into a little more time until you really meet the love of your life or start living it as you really should. The positive part of all this is that sooner or later it will come, because life takes many turns and you never know what will happen.
  • A secret wedding is one of the great romantic scenes that we see in series, movies or novels, hence it is one of the most common dreams in women. In these cases it is very likely that the relationship you would like to maintain does not have any future or that the current one has quite a few problems. Luck is not on your side, at least for a while.
  • A rather strange but common dream is to attend your own wedding , that is, you are a guest who sees how you get married. If this dream occurs in single people, it is a very good sign, as it means great successes and triumphs. However, if you are already married and have this dream, it translates as some other problem in the marriage. Although it is possible that the relationship will break down, do not worry because if there really is love, everything will be solved in a matter of days.
  • To dream that you are committed to your partner or to someone you love is not just a nice dream, it also means that you are a loved person. Whether you have a partner in real life or not, you are a person who makes you love yourself, everyone who gets to know you feels great affection towards you, but it is true that you will not always receive the same treatment that you offer.
  • The wedding dress in dreams is a very positive element. In this case, dreaming of one means that in a short time you will receive a great professional opportunity that you cannot miss. Your work life will grow exponentially and you will feel full, since you will also meet many interesting people as a result of this new job.

Conclusion of dreaming about wedding

As we explained, these dreams can have a thousand and one different situations, what is important to clarify is that in most elements, elements are repeated and the meanings are therefore shared or quite similar. We let you discover with our help what your dreams tell you, and if you want, you can tell us about your own experience with this type of wedding dream.

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