Dreaming about work can be one of the most common dreams that adults have today. Currently, human beings lead a fairly busy pace of life that, in most cases, requires us to attend and / or perform various tasks in our daily routine.

Having dreams about work can be interpreted in different ways depending on the situation we are going through at that moment, due to pending tasks to be delivered or even due to the lack of work itself.

Meaning of dreaming about work

  • Dreaming about current job: having this dream can mean pending tasks or problems to be solved. It is also interpreted as the well-being we feel when we are working, yes in the dream we see ourselves doing our work functions.
  • Dreaming of lack of work: this dream is interpreted as the dissatisfaction that we can feel when carrying out a certain task or, in some cases, due to momentary inactivity in the work area. Uncertainty and very long rest periods.
  • Dreaming that you are looking for a job: if when dreaming this you have a permanent job, it may mean dissatisfaction with the current job while, if at that moment you do not have a formal job, it may be the reflection of the fear that you feel at the loss or lack of economic and labor stability.
  • Dreaming that you are fired from work: this dream is always associated with the fear we feel about the possibility of losing our fixed financial support, but it can also be interpreted as insecurity or mistrust in our performance in the face of certain functions of our work.
  • Dreaming of a new job: having this dream is often a reflection of our emotional state when we are going through difficult situations, in which we feel that we are stagnant and we see it as a necessity to close cycles and accept changes that represent new challenges.
  • Dreaming of coworkers: if in the dream they are outside the work environment it can mean trust or empathy towards colleagues, while if they are in the workplace in the dream it would be interpreted as the competitive spirit that exists between work teams .
  • Dreaming of a previous job: this dream is looking to remind us of experiences or aspects of our old job, which we would like to apply in our current job. Longing for the past.
  • Dreaming of a job interview: in this dream our fear of losing economic stability is reflected again, if at that moment we do not have a job. It can also be interpreted as having a period of prosperity and opportunities to show that we are good at something.
  • Dreaming of job change: Desire to change or reinvent yourself. This dream is the reflection of our deficiencies or dissatisfaction with an aspect of our life. Desire to improve and take on new challenges.
  • Dreaming about the job of your dreams: although this dream positions us in the workplace, it encompasses other aspects of our life. In general, this dream asks us if we are living the life that we dreamed of for ourselves when we were children. Planning and new goals.
  • Dreaming that you are at work: it means that you have to better manage your time at work so that you do not have pending tasks to do or deliver. It also translates into problems or uncomfortable situations in the work environment.
  • Dreaming about training for a job: This dream refers to the willingness we have to learn new things, as well as the opportunity we see to take advantage of the knowledge we already have.
  • Dreaming that you argue at work: it is interpreted as the emotional state you felt or feel when faced with a conflict in the work area. In this dream you must evaluate what obstacles are being presented to you, which prevent a better performance on your part.
  • Dreaming of boredom at work: Like dreaming of the dream job, this dream is an index of how monotonous our life can be at the moment. It means the lack of new challenges and adventures in your life.

Conclusion of dreaming about work

What is clear after dreaming about work is that our brain sends us signals that represent the constant waking state in which we find ourselves when we know that we have challenges to face and goals to achieve.

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