dream of cousins

On many occasions we usually dream of people, some of these people are relatives such as cousins ​​or cousins . When we dream of cousins ​​or cousins , it means that we will receive unfavorable news, a situation that we must face. In these dreams he shows us our fears, fears and circumstances that we fear to face or that we are going through.

These dreams can tell us in a certain way what we must face, but they do not tell us when and where the events will occur. Dreaming of cousins ​​depending on their closeness tells us if our news will be good or bad.

Meaning of dreaming about cousins ​​or cousins

Dreaming of cousins ​​or cousins ​​can be a bit strange depending on the situations that arise.Each dream we have has its meaning and is highly reflected in how our daily lives and our environment are handled.

Although ometimes it may seem that it has nothing to do with our relationships or events, the truth is that dreams are closely linked to how we handle ourselves around us.

These types of dreams are very common and we must know how to interpret each one of them taking into account our situation and emotions at the time of dreaming them, how we feel once the dream is over. We must take into account if these types of dreams are repetitive, in the same place, the same people, these aspects are key pieces for a good interpretation.

  • Dreaming of distant cousins, when we dream of distant cousins with whom we do not have much contact or we simply do not see frequently, it means that success, both personal and family prosperity, good news in the family, such as solving a legal problem that one may have.
  • Dreaming of dead cousins ​​/ cousins, depending on the situation and emotions experienced during the dream, may mean that we must change our attitude and behavior when facing an obstacle or problems, whether personal, sentimental or work. However, this dream indicates to us some conversation, outing or visit that did not take place while our relative was alive.
  • Dreaming of a sick cousin or cousin, when we have these types of dreams it is not always because our cousins ​​are sick or will be, it may be that a close relative is going through this situation and the results are not favorable for that relative.
  • To dream that you fight with a cousin or cousin, when we dream that you have a fight either with a cousin or cousin is a bad omen, something not pleasant will happen, you will have bad luck, serious illnesses.
  • Dreaming of being in love between cousins, when you dream that we are in love or our brother or sister is in love with a cousin, although this frowning only means that they accept each other as they are, both parties recognize their virtues, defects and accept them.
  • Dreaming of marrying a cousin or cousin, this dream reflects the fear or anguish between the relationship you have with your cousin-cousin, their treatment can be misinterpreted, through this type of dream that fear that you feel is demonstrated.

Conclusions of dreaming about cousins ​​or cousins

As you may have already realized, dreams with people have different meanings. They can depend on the person who dreams or even the moment or space with which they dream, not counting, the action or what you are going to do with the person in question.

Many dream of relatives and feel disturbed to find themselves dreaming particular things about that person, but many of these dreams have no evil or offensive connotations or meanings, in fact, they can mean the opposite.

These are some of the interpretations of dreams with cousins ​​or cousins, in each of them we must analyze the attitudes, circumstances, feelings and in what environment we find ourselves, whether it is a known place, shady, outdoors, new places, these aspects are very important when interpreting our dreams.

If we dream of some gloomy place and we are agitated or very afraid, the dream indicates some concern or bad omen, if it is the opposite and we dream in an illuminated, well-known place and we will be, it is good news. If we dream of new places which we yearn to know, we are opening our horizons or our dream will be fulfilled.

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