What will it mean to dream of diarrhea ? The need to interpret dreams has been present throughout human history, from the first peoples to the present day. Even the most powerful kings maintained a court of dream interpreters, whom they consulted before making important decisions.

It is important to learn to interpret our dreams realistically. We should not believe that if we dream of a co-worker, the next day he is going to declare his love for us, and neither should we be distressed when we dream of the death of a close relative. Do you dare to know what your dreams mean?

Meaning of dreaming about diarrhea

Illnesses, personal or those of close people, have always been present in dreams. Even people who boast of their unshakable health are susceptible to dreaming of illnesses of all kinds. There can be many reasons for having a  dream with diarrhea,  and it does not necessarily have to do with health.

Ofiar diarrhea is generally interpreted as you should maintain control. If you are an emotional and impulsive person, surely most of the time you lose control easily. You should be more rational and think things through before letting yourself be carried away by the momentum.

If you dream of having diarrhea  repeatedly, you have internal conflicts that prevent you from falling into a peaceful sleep, and that you must resolve. You should put your thoughts and your life in order.

It is important to note that the interpretation of dreams is subjective, since the details of the dream, its environment, as well as your reaction during the dream define its meaning. It is not interpreted the same if you dream of getting over your diarrhea, than if it is your son or your wife who has the diarrhea.

  • Dreaming of having your own diarrhea : You have surely lost your balance in life. It can also mean that there is some loss that can be economic or personal, such as a relative leaving the country, or an investment that fails, or that emotions are beginning to be lost.
  • Dreaming of playing with excrement: According to Sigmund Freud, excrement is related to possessions, pride, shame, money and financial issues. So if you dream that you are playing with excrement , it means anxiety and fear for the economic issue and for your safety in life.
  • Dream  poop s or BRE someone symbolizes that have big trouble for that person, or some mixed feeling that is causing discomfort.
  • In the case of dreaming of bloody diarrhea , it indicates that you have to be very careful in the way you are behaving with close people, such as your family, because your actions are causing those who love you to start to move away from you.
  • If a lot of diarrhea appears in the dream : it indicates that there are many problems that you do not want to face, that you are trying to run away from them, and you have tried to solve them, even though you know that everything depends on you. Try to solve this situation and you will see how your life changes.
  • If you dream that you have diarrhea in public : or that you defecate in public, it could mean that you are sorry for some situation that you recently went through, something happened to you that made you put yourself in an uncomfortable and embarrassing condition.
  • dream with green diarrhea: symbolizes that your personal situation is not right, that there are close people speaking badly about you. It is time for you to do a review of the people present in your life, and values ​​to which they really appreciate you and are worth it.
  • Dreaming of a dirty poop bath : Go through a complicated situation with your feelings, you have not found the time or the place to express them to others. It can also symbolize how you see yourself, maybe you feel remorse about something or your conscience is not so clear.
  • Dreaming of yellow diarrhea: Surely there are people who envy you too much. It is the right time to change the environment, friendships and even the places you frequent. Positive energy needs to come back to you.

Conclusion of dreaming about diarrhea

Finally, in a strictly literal sense,  dreaming of having diarrhea  can be an invitation to check your health, to get a medical check-up, and to lead a healthy life and healthy eating.

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