We have already seen before how animals have their own meaning in dreams, since it is not the same to dream of ticks or fleas than of dogs. This is why today we focus on another type of animal, lice. The truth is that they are the most annoying animals, because who as a child has not had to spend days smelling of vinegar to get rid of them? Today there are products that in a matter of minutes ensure their elimination, but they are still unpleasant and nobody likes them.

To better understand the meaning of dreams in which lice are the protagonists, we are going to detail various contexts in which we explain what those dreams say in particular. First of all, clarify the difference between nits and lice, as many make the mistake of considering that it is the same. Nits are the eggs of lice and it is what should be eliminated as soon as possible, because in this way you prevent their growth and reproduction.

What does dreaming about lice mean?

  • In general, dreaming about lice is associated with bad company. It is very likely that you are surrounded by negative people who disguised as friendship only seek to take advantage of good people like you. Try to find out who it is and make it clear that as a friend you are always willing to help, but from there to give in first of all there is a big difference. Although it is difficult for you, you will have to take a good look at your companies to find that person who will not bring you anything good.
  • To dream that you have lice on your head is because you have been carried away by circumstances and have been harmed. That is, there is a particular situation or problem that affects you in particular and although it does not have to be anything serious, it is something that does not let you breathe. You feel a great burden behind your back and this happens when someone you don’t imagine at all is wanting you to worry all the time. Relax, think coldly and learn to distance yourself from problems to enjoy life a little more.
  • Seeing head lice on someone means that that person can get you a lot of trouble. Most likely, you do not remember who it is, although you have to be clear that someone close to you can get you into trouble. You probably already have a slight idea about who it may be, so we recommend putting some distance with that person or trying to talk to that person and make him see reality.
  • To dream that you kill another person’s lice means that that person, who you should know, is going to have problems and you are going to be able to help him. If you remember who it is, the better, because you can start to prepare and talk to the injured person to get used to the idea. In this case, it is someone who does deserve your help and trust, because that person would do the same for you.
  • If from the dream you remember killing lice in general , without the presence of anyone else, it means that you will be able to get rid of all those problems that have been haunting you for a while. We talk about small problems or concerns that make you feel somewhat down but have a solution and you will find it very soon. In addition to removing problems, you will be able to clearly see which people in your environment are the ones who really support you and those who do not. Take advantage of this situation to get rid of toxic friends that bring you nothing.
  • When the previous dream is repeated but you can not eliminate the lice because they fall to the ground, it means that you will have to continue fighting a little more and small problems may appear, but that you still have the possibility of getting rid of everything that you do not you like it or it suits you and also start to be happy. Surely if you put some effort you can end all the “lice” in your life and start to see things from another point of view.
  • As strange as it may seem, if we find lice or nits on our most formal clothes, it means that success is about to come to your life. When you can clearly see these animals in your dress clothes it means that somehow you are going to achieve that goal that you have had pending for so long. We are talking about a great opportunity that is usually in these cases of a professional nature.
  • Dreaming that you remove lice one by one says a lot about your personality. You are a peaceful person who also knows how to solve her problems by herself. Whenever you can do something, you do not go to anyone to ask for help but rather get to work. You have a very positive way of being that will undoubtedly help you achieve everything you set out to do.
  • When a known environment like your home or work is full of lice it means that you are quite concerned about the comments of others. You fear rumors and whispers, which makes you insecure. You have to be clear that there will always be someone who criticizes your behavior, so you should not mark your life for the opinions of others. Do what you consider correct and never think about third-party comments.
  • Finally, if you are chased by some horrible giant lice, it is because you are going through some very hard times at work. Whether due to various mistakes made or pressure from your superiors, you feel incapable of your job and this makes you make even more mistakes. You will have to learn but also improve your security and confidence in yourself, because in many cases everything is fixed with some common sense. Do not get carried away by the negative and think that you have the opportunity to improve and begin to demonstrate your true value as a worker.

Conclusion of dreaming about lice

Lice as you see do not tend to bring very good news, although some of these interpretations will allow you to be alert and therefore soften uncomfortable situations. From here we only seek to help you so that you understand well the meaning of your dreams related to lice and in this way understand your emotional state. We hope to see your comments and share with everyone the strangest experiences in which you have dreamed of lice.

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