Ella Ballentine

Ella Ballentine

In a pivotal moment, I felt a profound inner calling to explore beyond the confines of routine, material existence, and the physical realm. This deep yearning led me down many paths, where I pursued studies, embraced diverse experiences, made startling discoveries, faced daunting challenges, and sought guidance from wise masters. To each of them, I am filled with deep gratitude.

My journey encompassed various realms of exploration, including self-knowledge, spirituality, quantum physics, the vast expanse of the universe, yoga, Buddhism, and numerous other doctrines. I delved into practices such as meditation, retreats, silence, and introspection, seeking to unveil the true essence of my being—the interconnectedness of body, mind, and soul. In this quest, I sought to transcend the illusions of Maya, the sufferings of the external world, and awaken to a higher state of consciousness.

As I progressed, I recognized the profound power within me to become a co-creator of reality itself. I embraced the teachings of the Dharma, utilizing the gifts and resources bestowed upon me for the betterment of society as a whole. I learned to prioritize the collective, working diligently, studying ardently, sharing unconditionally, and loving expansively while evolving without the chains of attachment or aversion.

The transformation of knowledge into wisdom became a central focus of my endeavors. This path required immense effort, but I found solace in the realization that many individuals resonated with a similar vibration and were willing to share their insights. In this new era where the collective reigns supreme over the individual, I have honed my professional skills in synergy with my purpose. Through this portal, I strive to bring together all that is good, fostering unity and harmony among like-minded souls.

Forgiveness towards others and oneself emerged as a vital aspect of my journey. I endeavored to free myself from negative emotions, past hurts, guilt, and patterns perpetuating negativity. Though the process demanded diligent work and courageous confrontation, I discovered many transformative tools and pathways to facilitate healing and growth.

I firmly believe that the collective awakening and elevation of consciousness are key to our planet’s transformation. As the critical mass of individuals resonating with universal love expands, the pace of this profound metamorphosis quickens. It is my fervent intention to contribute to this positive shift, to rewrite the narrative of our shared reality, and to cultivate a world imbued with compassion, wisdom, and profound interconnectedness.

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