To dream that you have a child , comes out to be accompanied by some responsibility that you must assume in your life, just as it is time to mature in some aspect, since being the father of a child has a great meaning especially in personal growth because You go from being a young adult with no responsibilities to an adult with responsibilities.

Regardless of what it means to have a child in life, dreaming about these types of situations or events can have different interpretations, which are given according to the person who dreams them, either the mother or the father, since for both it is different each of the dreams.

Meaning of dreaming about having a child

There is the possibility that anyone has ever had to dream that you have a child , which has nothing to do with the time that you have to do it, that is false, what if they are wanting to give you a message related to your work or your love life making sure that the commitment you are going to make will be assumed as it should.

That is why below we will give you some meanings of these signs so that you know what can happen in your life, which are the following:

  • To dream that you have a white child: it represents both the color of your future child, as well as purity and delicacy, it will be a person of strong character, but a good heart.
  • To dream that you have a black child: its meaning goes towards the values ​​that we use today, especially humility.
  • To dream that you have a handsome son : he will be charismatic, and of good values, he will know how to handle the situations that arise and he will never leave aside the people who matter to him.
  • Dreaming of a sick or dead child: in most cases it usually means that the child is or will be in danger, that there is or exists bad vibes that surround them.
  • Dreaming that you have twin children: it refers to business, the luck they may have in life and happiness, and that above all you may have ideas that go for or against your brother, or with your environment.
  • Dreaming of a small child: maybe it is that, in his childhood stage, he will have both good and bad moments where you will have to question yourself about his growth.
  • Dreaming that you have a dead child: it can be a reminder that your child can die or suffer an accident in many ways, so be careful and be prevented.
  • Dreaming that you have a drowned child: it means danger, and that your child will be threatened in different ways in which he will have to defend himself.
  • Dreaming that you have a crying child: this means that the child will have a disease, or a future allergy that he or she will have, among others.
  • To dream that you have a child playing: this means that your child will be a happy person, who sees problems as minor and who always looks for the best solutions to problems and, above all, gets along well with his environment.
  • Dreaming of having a child: this usually means that your body is already fully prepared to give birth to a child, where you already feel that it is the right time, the sex of the baby is part of the weighting that exists in cultures .
  • Dreaming of a baby that is laughing: hearing the laugh of such a tender and innocent creature can mean that you are in the best stage of your life, full of happiness and happiness, with a good economic position that will allow you to help your loved ones and feel like he drinks in full laughter.
  • Dreaming that you have a baby in your arms: in the case of children the arms of their parents mean protection, what you may be wanting from your unconscious, usually it is for a loved one or for an idea that you want to start but you need an approval that makes you gain confidence.
  • Dreaming of a baby who is crying: this is the only effective means of communication that babies use until the age where they can speak, which can generate impotence on some occasions, giving you a similar meaning in your life with respect to a situation that generates impotence for what is happening.
  • Dreaming of a baby that is dead: it is something that is totally tragic as that situation can be, which in reality can be the product of some break in a relationship, whether it be a couple, a friendship or a relative that is relevant in your life, as well as the project you are managing may not be successful.
  • Dreaming of having a girl: this dream is related to beautiful things in your life, with joy, triumphs and, logically, happiness, in the case of girls it may be the representation of the protection that you are looking for and that you need at that moment in your life. life.
  • To dream that you are breastfeeding your baby: this if it has several meanings, the main one may be the reflection and the maternal instinct that is manifesting itself by your desire to be a mother or that very soon you may feel disappointed by a person in the one that you placed all your trust and betrayed you.
  • Dreaming of a baby in a car: indicates that you have a high-quality friend who cares about you and helps you as it should, having a quality relationship, which can bring the person who dreams of it happiness, pleasant surprises and a lot of joy.

Conclusion of dreaming about having a child

Children or babies are a great blessing despite the circumstances by which they can come into your life, that is why the meanings of dreaming that you have a child are mostly auspicious and positive, except for the exceptions that they are few, their relationship is one of the most beautiful that exists so do not be afraid you dream of something like that.

Sometimes dreams do not always mean what they make us see, since they have a slightly deeper context, if the meaning is not known, it can be investigated, and thus you can have a little clearer what your dream wants to try to tell you. .

A lot of times, dreaming that you have a child gives its presence just when you need to start a new phase in life, or you want to finish one and start living something new and different.

 Keep in mind that it alerts you to big important changes, both good and bad, and you feel like you need to know the ways in which you would deal with these events. The interpretation will always depend on the context of the dream.

Just as this dream has its positive side, there is also the negative meaning, which cannot be set aside, in this we will find that having a child is related to loneliness, and it is something completely natural if you are a single woman, like this that there is no need to be afraid.

Some of the feelings you may have is that you feel that you are alone, you need a little affection or you lack a little love in life, and you see it reflected in the form of a child in your arms, which fills the void that you feel.

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