There are many times that we are prone to dreaming of objects that surround our daily life, dreaming of a cell phone or mobile phone is associated more than anything with an obsession, especially if we use it daily, but it is not only that but if you dream that you steal it , that you forget it or that they make you a strange call or anything else has its meaning.

Dream interpretation experts assure that dreaming of a cell phone largely denotes the degree of dependence you have on it, if in this dream you only use it to send a WhatsApp or message to any friend or family member, it does not mean anything specific, however other meanings denote different things that we must see.

meaning of dreaming of a new cell phone

With the technological advance, in a certain way we have become more dependent on electronic devices such as cell phones and they are already part of our daily life in a totally normal way, dreaming of a new cell phone means that we need to have something new in our life either a cell phone or something material.

On the other hand, it can mean that we are longing for something that is represented in that way in our dreams, and it may not be necessarily linked to technology or everyone being connected, but something more personal, something that we have wanted for a long time.

But if you are one of those people who are not very lovers of technology, it may mean that we must delve into discovering and exploring social networks, knowing them in depth can bring good omen and good surprises for the life of the person who dreams of this, since someone may surprise us through the networks.

Now, if you dream that you are given a new cell phone, it means that at all times we are dreaming of having an opportunity that can paint our lives in colors and that is not far from coming true and cannot be postponed or supplanted in any way.

Dreaming of a new cell phone , if they are giving it to you, can symbolize that we can choose the truths, that is, if there are some doubts in our life regarding situations or problems, this may be clarified and we will realize it on our own without any interpretation. of third parties in life.

If we dream of the gift of a new cell phone, it symbolizes good omens so that everything takes shape in our life if we are a little disorganized with it.

Other meanings of dreaming about a cell phone

Technology addiction makes us very dependent on virtual networks and platforms that is why it is now more common to dream of a cell phone, it is like a drug that is why the meaning of dreaming of a cell phone can indicate an obsession towards it for various reasons, be it sending messages or constantly checking the networks without stopping.

Another reason why a person dreams of mobile phones is that they need to communicate and for that reason it is interpreted as that need that the person has to tell something that they hide or that they can not retain anymore or even talk to someone about a problem that failed to troubleshoot, it can yield many results and interpretations.

Now if you dream that you are calling someone is specific, it is that your bond with that person is special and it is possible that that call in the dream is a sign from your subconscious that it is time to confess what you feel to those people once and for all. all and on the other hand it also indicates that you should be much more sociable.

Dreaming of a cell phone if you are using it and it is broken or it does not have a line, that denotes that you are a fairly introverted person and well that can symbolize that you have distanced yourself much more from your friends and that the time has come to try to change things and fix all the problems you have with them so that everything can go back to normal.

Conclusion of dreaming with a cell phone

Finally, if you dream that you make a call and no one answers, it can indicate that you are going through a moment of anguish, in these cases it refers to something not going well but there is the possibility of solving that or those problems.

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