It is common among people who at some point or stage in their lives manage to dream with hands , it is usually a symbol of acting, creating, forming, destroying … Thanks to them we have the power to exercise control over someone or something, either in a way. or negative.

So … is dreaming with hands good or bad? First, we must always remember that the context can make a 180º turn in the way of interpreting the dream. This being the case, let’s see below some examples that will help in an interpretation

 Dreaming of hands has a spiritual meaning

  • Dreaming with hands often symbolizes wanting to give and receive, when we talk about feelings, whether of love, tenderness, affection and support …
  • Dreaming of having bloody hands can cause some fear, but many times what this type of dream tries to indicate is that there are aspects or attitudes that are not being accepted by us or by the environment that surrounds us.

This being the case, it is important to pay adequate attention to this type of behavior, since it could be generating problems or unpleasantness in your family and social environment.

Remember that it is never too late for change, if you change your way of thinking, you will change the way you live

  • Dreaming of reading the hands of a friend is an indication that you are not sure how reliable he is and you need to know his interior as a person.

This could prevent possible betrayals and misunderstandings, so it is advisable in the case of having these dreams is to listen to intuition and be sure if the person next to us is trustworthy.

  • Dreaming of hands as a symbol of support with other people , symbolizes the interest you have in establishing a bond of friendship, reconciliation and generosity

meaning of dreaming with hands

  • Dreaming of hands as a symbol of help towards you is an indicator of needing some advice, guidance or guidance in a family environment, loving even spiritual

Sometimes people with certain emotional outbreaks may be more vulnerable to this style of dreams.

Because his current emotional state is related to the situation and through this it is possible to establish that link between the divine and the earthly

  • Dreaming that you are washing your hands is an indication of wanting to let go of some responsibility or not wanting to take responsibility for the consequences of your actions.

It is important that you remember that everything falls under its own weight and that over time your actions will mark your life and that of the people around you

For this reason, you must be attentive and above all, sure that your actions today will mark the future of tomorrow.

  • Dreaming that you have your hands closed reflects how neutral or cold you can do with only your circle of friends, even with your closest family members.

This type of disclosure indicates your rigidity to change and how closed you can be when listening to new opinions.

  • Dreaming of holding someone’s hand symbolizes a strong attraction between that person and you, the dream probably wants to reflect the union that can occur in you, Even so, you should not rush, knowing him well is important
  • Dreaming of ugly or deformed hands is an indication of bad news, it is most likely related to financial problems or poverty

The best thing in these cases is to be forewarned and take warning measures as soon as possible, such as avoiding wasting money or making a careful plan for better use

  • Dreaming of stained hands is a warning that you should be very careful not to be involved in gossip or gossip. Most of the time, this type of dream refers to envy and bad intentions.

Conclusion of dreaming with hands:

In general, dreaming with hands is heavily involved in the way you see yourself, how others see you and how you relate to them.

Remember that with them we build, but at the same time we destroy, maintaining and remembering the context of the dream allows a better interpretation of it.

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