Most people who use incense do so to obtain the desired fragrance in a specific room, usually the room where they sleep.

In the case of going to sleep while consuming one of these bars, it is usual to dream of incense , since you continue to perceive that pleasant smell and therefore you have a high chance that incense plays a leading role in your dream.

Incense dream meaning

  • If you dream of incense it indicates spiritual elevation by a personal action or of another person. An incense means to identify, summon or stimulate something pure or spiritual.
  • If he is a man, the dream of an incense stick is a sign of his concern for manhood, and in this way represents his way of living intimacy.
  • If you dream that you sell incense it means that you are surrounded by conceited and crazy people.
  • If you dream of incense smoke, it symbolizes that you are going to find yourself through some emotional situation, be it joy or sadness and that in the midst of that situation you will find the tranquility and harmony necessary to balance your emotional health.
  • If you dream that you placed an incense stick in your room, it means that you are attracted to someone close, who is being reciprocated.
  • If you dream that you light an incense stick inside a church, it is a sign of fortune and prosperity. But in the case that you are lighting them in another place, it may be a sign that you are surrounded by false friends and sycophants.
  • If in the dream you light an incense in a room full of people it reflects that you have earned the respect of those around you, in this case by always acting honestly and maintaining good behavior.
  • To dream that you see a censer on the table means that you will enjoy good fortune in your family. If the case is that you see a lot of smoke coming out of the censer , it indicates that you are having temporary desires for wealth and insignificant momentary pleasures.
  • If in the dream, the censer goes off , it indicates that you are reaching the limit of your possibilities and that in order to move forward you need to take a break.
  • Dreaming of many burning incense sticks symbolizes the constant flow of energy and existential balance.
  • If in the dream you can detect the smell of incense it represents the things that are approaching your life. With this you can identify a very particular situation or issue such as the arrival of a pregnancy or an unexpected visit. The smell represents the identity, particularity and presence of someone dear.
  • If the incense smells of sandalwood, it means that you will live a spiritual awakening, which will benefit you in all aspects of your life. In the same way, it represents the moment where you must leave behind the people and problems that do not let you sleep.
  • If the incense smells of lavender it is a sign that you will enjoy good health, abundant money, a lot of love and cleanliness of body and mind both at work and at home in the coming months. In this case, great caution must be exercised with possible excesses.
  • If the incense smells of flowers it announces the upcoming arrival of new loves, in the case of already having a partner, passion resurfaces and in this way things will go better than ever. In the same way, it is a symbol of successes that were believed unattainable and triumphs over adversity.
  • If the incense smells of some type of cologne or talcum symbolizes fertility, at this moment you are at the peak of creation and if in your case you are looking for a baby, you will get good news very soon.
  • In the event that in the dream the smell of incense displeases you represents that good actions are not enough to be desired, you must put them into practice. In the same way, it symbolizes the concern to take a break or avoid some great problem.

Incense dream conclusion

Not everyone tends to dream of incense, as there are many people who have smelled or seen it in their life. But if you are one of those who has had one of these dreams, you should not worry.

You just have to relate all the meanings mentioned above with your current situation in life and try to find the appropriate meaning, sure, there is.

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