By having many close people, we will always have a fear that they can betray us in many ways, now if we dream of betrayal we believe that we are doubting someone’s loyalty or their actions.

If we dream of someone in particular, and we see all his actions, we should be very concerned since our subconscious is not realizing what kind of person could be a friend, family member or acquaintance, we could also doubt the actions that he has towards us or interferes with our ideals.

Meaning of dreaming about betrayal

If you dream that you are betrayed it means that you are going to lose a good friend. If, on the other hand, you dream that someone betrays you, you can interpret it as that person is envious of you in real life.

Some specialists and dream analysts also called dreamlike assure that dreaming of betrayal indicates that we are prepared to overcome the obstacles that arise throughout our lives.

Logically we all change as our life and time progress but, even so, we cannot understand that someone close to us can betray us and is capable of hurting us.

  • Dreaming of betrayal of your country : this can mean doubt, since we are between a rock and a hard place when making a decision regarding our own or collective benefit. Or he also refers to having lost self-respect and doing things that he did not think he would be capable of doing before.
  • Dreaming of partner betrayal : this is the most frequent or common dream, it shows a certain concern by wanting to always control the activities of our partner at all times.

In the case of a husband who dreams that he is betraying, this can herald illnesses that may be related to stress and worries. If it is a woman who dreams that she is betraying, this may refer to economic setbacks.

To dream that we betray our partner with someone unknown can indicate that we do not know what we really want. This can lead us to seek the happiness that we really want in fleeting pleasures and even sometimes prohibited.

If, on the other hand, it is someone known, this may suggest that appreciating or valuing certain things or people in the wrong way, can lead us to make wrong or improper decisions and this will put our emotional stability at risk.

  • To dream that you are betraying someone : this can be interpreted in a way that we are leaving aside some aspects of ourselves as people, these aspects are very important, it can be our spiritual side, perhaps our customs and values, or things that we really must assess.
  • Dreaming of betraying someone you know : it can be interpreted as a prediction that we will receive an unexpected inheritance, or we will have an unexpected income such as winning the lottery or perhaps a salary increase.
  • To dream that we betray a brother or family member : it can mean that we should value ourselves more as people. Loving ourselves and giving ourselves the respect we really deserve, whether in a workplace or if we receive mistreatment from other people.
  • To dream that we see a betrayal : it can mean that there are conflictive or toxic people around us, and that later on there could be problems, whether they affect us or not.
  • Dreaming of betrayal frequently : if we dream several times a month about a betrayal (4 or 5 times a month) this can symbolize the dreamer’s insecurity. Perhaps because you have already been betrayed at some time and have lost your trust in others and you are on the defensive.

Conclusion of dreaming of betrayal

The fact of dreaming about betrayal can also convey that you stopped trusting some people close to you, who were previously in a special place in your life or who were related to your way of thinking and acting.

The dream with betrayal can be interpreted as if you feel dirty inside for acting improperly against someone, having deceived them, since being a person who acts well by doing it incorrectly, your subconscious warns you that this action was wrong.

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