Dreaming of bombs is the reflection of your subconscious that warns you that there are excesses of worries, anxieties and that you may be living a war within you. Bombs are those devices that can do a lot of destruction, just light the fuse and then you will count the destroyed parts.

The bombs in your dreams also tell you that you are a person who keeps your emotions, especially anger, resentment and sadness; which can turn you into a bomb whose timer is running backwards and can explode at any moment, causing your relationships with others to be affected.

Dream meaning of bombs

  • Dreaming of nuclear bombs: they reveal that you have secrets that you are preventing others from discovering. Are you hiding something out of shame or fear? They also indicate that you have feelings of anger deep within you.
  • Dreaming of bombs in war: As they say colloquially, “I drop a bomb on you”, that’s how we start conflicts, in this case between the family.
  • Dreaming that you disarm a bomb: If you are trying to get rid of feelings of anger, it is a sign of emotional maturity. It is what this dream wants to make you understand, take it easy, from anger only fatigue remains. And avoid making others angry.
  • Dreaming of black bombs: black, a color that indicates negativity, except in this case. How about it? This black bomb is a sign that you will have a period full of success.
  • Dreaming that you make a bomb: if the bomb is to be used by you, it is a sign that you want to destroy everything in your path, your feelings of anger dominate you. If, on the contrary, it is for someone else to detonate it, it is because you are taking another person to the limit of their anger.
  • Dreaming of exploding bombs: talk about repressing your emotions, maybe not to disturb? For kindness? because of fear? This dream is an indicator that you are a repressed person, probably due to situations experienced in childhood.
  • Dreaming of exploding bombs: this dream shows you that you are about to lose control, over all things. If you are one of those who like to be in control, this is a good time to learn to trust the abilities of others. Avoid getting frustrated.
  • Dreaming of bombs that do not explode: seeing bombs that do not explode, they tell you about your personality, are you a loudmouth? Do you like to look for trouble and when push comes to shove you hide? Look how you are acting, have respect for others, stop ruffling the hornet’s nest.
  • Dreaming of a time bomb: the famous countdown that we have seen in so many movies, reminds us that, “as the glass overflows with the last drop”, so your emotions can explode at any moment.
  • Dreaming of bombs in airplanes: it teaches you about two possibilities, take a good look at what situations you are experiencing in your life. The first is that you begin to have self-control with your emotions. The second is that unexpected events are about to occur in your life.
  • Dreaming of dying by a bomb: this dream mainly indicates to you that you fear death. Clearer than water. If you are experiencing tense situations with someone, it can indicate that you are being the subject of a spell by that person.
  • Dreaming of a bomb threat: if the threat in the dream is real, it is a warning that risky situations are approaching. If it is a false threat, it is for you to take action and prevent it from becoming a disadvantageous situation for you.

Conclusion of dreaming about bombs

This type of dream, at first sight very negative, helps you to know that you have to let go of your anguish, because that in the long run can turn into diseases. It also invites you to trust, that the things that are not under your control will be left in the hands of providence, God or the universe (according to your beliefs).

And very importantly, each dream you must observe the aspects that surround you, for example, what you are feeling and / or how the environment is (country situation, conflicts with friends or family); all that affects you. Have a watchful eye that helps you better discern what dreams reveal to you so that you keep moving forward.

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