As in real life in dreams there are also tragic events or moments, in this way, it is not surprising that you have ever been able to dream of being hit by a car, plane or motorcycle accident. If you dream about this, then let me inform you that it is nothing positive.

Meaning of dreaming about being run over

  • Dream run over a daughter ‘s dream run over a child or warn us to run over the smallest of our family, whether our son as I said earlier, grandson, nephew, cousin, among others, says that if no we act prudently someone can harm one of our family members.
  • Dreaming of being hit by a truck: If we dream that we are saved from being run over by a truck or trailer, it is basically a piece of advice that tells us that we should allege dangerous situations, doubtful businesses, rivalries, light love affairs and everything else that we have to do with danger.

The dream of upsetting truck , in this case as is a large vehicle, the dream says that the danger is very serious, and if you remember good sleep and fail to distinguish the type of load carried by the truck, you should look up its meaning, as it will give you more details about the danger.

  • Dreaming of a car run over: If you dream of a car run over or crash of several cars, and also if you are directly involved in it, it symbolizes that difficult times and problems are coming, which will affect your life in general. It also means that your lifestyle, your ideas, and your goals collide with other individuals.
  • Dream run over a friend: The dream run over a friend and that we commit ourselves, means it is likely to commit an injustice. However, if you dream that someone we know but is not a close friend is being run over, say that someone is likely to hurt that person unfairly.

In the same way, it symbolizes that the injustice we commit is likely to be against that person, either through recklessness or on purpose. And the interpretation of these two meanings will depend on your current situation.

  • Dreaming about being run over by a dog: If the dream tries to dream about being run over by a dog , which is gray and too thin, it reveals that a relative or friend left this world recently, therefore it requires our help to get to heaven. , as can be the sentences.

But if you dream that you heal the dog after the accident and you see him fully recovered, it indicates that that friend or relative who left will arrive quickly to heaven and it is partly thanks to our help.

  • Dreaming of being run over by a brother: When dreaming about being run over by a brother or sister, it clearly represents that this person from our family environment is committing an outrage against us and this dream advises us that we should not allow it, making the right decisions to avoid it. .
  • Dreaming of a train run over: If it is about a run over caused by a railway or train, the meaning varies a bit, since it is interpreted as the idea of ​​culminating in ruin, we even see it in famous phrases such as “the train takes me” and it means that something happened that we did not want to happen.

The dream run over train or arroya someone we do not know, indicates that it is likely that individual ends in ruin or in a bad situation. In the case that you dream that you are on the train tracks and you see that a train is approaching quickly, it symbolizes that we must get away from dangerous situations.

  • Dreaming of a mother being run over: To dream that a woman is run over and that female is her mother, reveals a failure, but if you dream that she is thrown and then she gets up without injuries, it means that one of our personal projects was in serious danger, but managed to save the situation.

Conclusion of dreaming about being run over

When we hear the word “run over” we think of traffic accidents, but it can also be car accidents, domestic accidents, slips, falls, breaking an arm or a leg. Actually, whatever type it is, it is nothing positive, in general we would be talking about break-ups, failures, dislikes, health problems …

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