The dreams will have relevance with the situations that we are going through at the given moment. For the same reason, dreaming of bridges has a meaning of a positive and negative character that turns to our reality.

Dreams are known as a series of images

is that our brain produces once we enter a deep sleep, which is often involved with everyday situations or with a strong impact on us. For the same reason, let’s see the possible scenarios.

Meaning of dreaming about bridges

Dreaming of a bridge indicates changes, important transitions, new directions, connections with other worlds or people and reunions. These changes can be positive or negative, depending on the way and the context in which it is presented.

  • Dreaming of crossing a bridge which is in a state of firmness, indicates that you will leave behind the problems that overwhelmed you and you will face them with great courage and decision, it will be a positive change in your life that will generate a lot of peace and tranquility. You will close that unwanted chapter of your life.
  • Dreaming of crossing an illuminated bridge of many colors , means that in your life you are going through a difficult and desperate situation but necessary for your growth, you will be able to overcome it and angels will be involved to guide you along the way.
  • If in your dream you start seeing a beautiful landscape full of flowers and trees that transmit serenity and you can visualize a bridge, this indicates a transition of happiness to your life in an immediate and lasting way.

As you have been able to realize, dreaming of bridges in a general sense requires changes, however, depending on the context this may change, let’s now look at certain negative aspects that also have to do with dreaming of a bridge.

  • If in the dream you find yourself observing a bridge but this time you do not cross it, it means that the problems could increase more and more, since we did not find the solution and we were not able to take the initiative to change things.
  • A wooden or concrete bridge about to collapse or that produces a sensation of fear, can be an indicator of concerns for our future or insecurities by not believing in a solution.
  • Bridge of ice or bridge in the dark, generally indicates problems or conflicts with people who share with us daily but still envy us.
  • Falling from a bridge into a river or sea refers to the ease we have when we let ourselves be carried away by passions or instincts, which are often involved in the love environment.

With this type of context, we must be very careful since, being related to the love environment, many times it is presented as an alarm that indicates danger, either due to an obsession, extreme jealousy, violence …

  • See a bridge and at the end of it an abyss through which we fall, Indicates an alarm to seek help, possibly a depressive, compulsive, obsessive process is going through, among others that are causing the person to gradually walk straight to perdition .

When we refer to “Perdition”, it means that there is a danger of suicide, strong mental problems or the action of exercising physical damage against oneself

  • If in the dream we are crossing a bridge and we stop halfway, it means that we are very vulnerable, unstable and indecisive people. People who find it difficult to make decisions and for that reason, many times you could feel helpless or frustrated.

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