For many of us, dreaming of a funeral means misfortunes, bad vibes, and problems in the family environment, but no, it is not that, or at least this dream is not, we must remember that dreams are ideas that are in our lives. heads that we usually remember every day, both images and sounds and forms that represent them.

A dream with a funeral brings good news, the end of bad times, problems with your loved ones, and even the death of yourself, but in the sense of your being, you are no longer the same person you used to be, but the one you’ve planned to become for a long time.

Meaning of having dreams of a funeral

Dreaming of attending a funeral: this type of dreams can be interpreted as that an important next event is coming (such as an anniversary, a marriage and the like) not exactly with the death of a loved one.

This dream can also mean that, deep down, you are experiencing a feeling of wanting to change the habits of your life, since the one you live is not the one you want, and to get out of a situation that you truly consider negative.

Dreaming of the funeral of a stranger: Dreaming of the funeral of a person for whom we do not have affection, with whom we have shared for years, means ignominy, confrontation, speaks in its best expression of how the search for the problem solving if you ever find yourself in one.

Dreaming of my father’s funeral: This is a very revealing dream, since it does not announce his death, but rather that our relationship with him is not the best at the moment and that everything must be done to solve it.

It is normal that because of this we feel a burden that does not allow us to feel freedom, so we must leave pride on one side and go talk to our father and relieve our burdens and the tensions they generate.

Dreaming of a child’s funeral: we are not always the ones who go to the funeral, it happens that, if we are the child in the dream, this will only mean that we are growing as people and maturing in many aspects of our life. We have already left a part of us behind in the past to function in our lives as adults and develop a behavior that goes according to it.

On the other hand, if the child in the dream is someone we do not know, it means that moments of sadness and uncertainty will come in your life, for that reason, you must always be prepared for everything that comes.

Dreaming of your own burial: believe us when we tell you that this dream is very normal, and of course common. Thus there are certain alterations such as dreaming that they bury you alive, especially, and the like, and it is nothing negative, or good, it is not always.

This dream only gives you a brief meaning which is the change in our way of being and leaving behind small vices, hobbies or complexes that used to be obstacles for you, it can cause you to see yourself at your funeral in dreams, burying every bad thing to give life to your new self.

Dreaming of a friend’s funeral: This dream represents our friend’s dependence, wanting to eliminate it in the way possible, be careful, the dream does not indicate anything negative, rather it is a deep desire to become independent.

Conclusion of dreaming about burial

When it comes to dreaming about a funeral, the news is not always encouraging, but quite the opposite, and of course, there is bad news when you dream of a funeral, be it yours or that of a loved one, it brings a bad omen. Even if somehow some positive meaning is found in these funeral dreams it would be a very pleasant surprise.

It is not true that dreaming of a funeral is the sign that a relative is about to die, or approaching that, since in general, everything related to death is a common theme that leaves its mark on our subconscious, to say that there is things to take from our lives, which are killing our feelings, and for the most part, the end of the problems that have plagued you for a long time.

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