Dreaming of earthquakes always represents a situation of anguish for those who witness it. Although this dream may occur because we received the news that this event occurred in some locality or that, on the other hand, we were the protagonists of a real earthquake, its meaning is associated with changes in our lives.

According to the analyzes and the different interpretations that are given to these types of dreams, everyone agrees that, in addition to the fact that a drastic change is happening or will be experienced in the near future, it is also important to evaluate your reaction and take decision-making during the event.

Meaning of dreaming about earthquake

  • Dreaming of an earthquake in the house: in the personal and emotional sphere, the house will always represent the family, that is why dreaming that an earthquake occurs in it, will always be associated with the fear of losing family stability.

In this dream all the problems that frequently occur in the family environment and that unbalance the harmony of relationships materialize.

It is related to discords that break the communicative and affective thread between family members. Seeing the house collapse is interpreted as the helplessness of not finding a quick solution that restores the bond at home.

  • Dreaming of an earthquake in the street: it is related to instability in some aspect of your life that makes you feel that you cannot take full control of your actions. Dreaming that the earthquake occurs while you are on the street is directly associated with the insecurity you feel because you cannot take shelter in a safe place.

It represents the feeling of imbalance in situations that you cannot change or in which you cannot interfere because they do not depend on your abilities. Denotes insecurity in aspects of your personality.

  • Dreaming of a small earthquake: in this dream the subconscious is giving you a clear warning that, regardless of what your actions are in life, sooner or later the result will come to you for the decisions you have made.

It indicates that you must be vigilant because you will receive a warning that will mean negative moments in the near future.

  • Dreaming of a big earthquake: This dream is interpreted as the fear you feel when facing changes. If you are a person who values ​​stability and resists renewal, any change will represent a traumatic event.

If, on the other hand, in the dream you see how you die or, when you wake up, you notice that you are anguished, perspiring and with feelings of discomfort, it means something positive since, it speaks of the value you give to life and that you are delighted with life. experience of living.

  • Dreaming of an earthquake and tidal wave: it is one of the most alarming dreams you can have because it is an indication that everything around you is about to change radically.

It is a warning that you are allowing others to intervene in your private life and those around you or that you do not finish assuming responsibilities that concern you and therefore, that will cause the loss of what you know as stability.

In this dream it is important to evaluate all the aspects that intervene since, it is the warning that you will not be able to avoid what will happen and that you must prepare to face the consequences.

  • Dreaming of an earthquake and tsunami: it is like witnessing the end of the world and therefore means, for the one who dreams, an experience full of anxiety and fear. This dream is directly related to the fear that you experience before specific changes that will happen in your life.

Conclusion of dreaming about earthquake

Whether in the love or family relationship, it is interpreted as the will you must have to make important decisions that will bring great changes to the relationship.

It is normal that the human being, when faced with a situation of change, the first reaction that he has is to resist and see it as something negative, that is why, dreaming of earthquakes , rather than the change itself, what he seeks is to show which It is your emotional state in such situations.

The decisions you make and the participation you have in such actions will give you information on aspects of your personality that you must reinforce or that, on the other hand, will help you to adapt more easily in a process of change.

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