Dreams can be classified as a space in our mind that brings back memories of what we have lived or brings to our minds some situations that will be experienced in the future, dreaming about exams are usually more frequent in believers.

In general, dreaming about an exam tends to be more like a nightmare than a dream due to the uneasiness it generates. All people dream, some remember it, others do not, many fantasies, places, experiences can pass through our minds.

Meaning of dreaming about exam

  • Dream about an exam and you will pass it how true it is: The interpretation of dreams does not mean that it will exactly happen in real life, or that the person who lived the dream will undergo a strong test, there are many interpretations according to the situation lived in the dream.

Dreams are often so real that the dreamer wakes up startled or happy. Studies indicate that the most frequent dreams are repetitions of our daily life.

  • Dreaming about an exam and its different interpretations: Some say that dreaming about exams is due to years full of travel, memories, and educational training. These dreams are usually associated with some forgetfulness in the day, a pending task to be done. The exam symbolizes the challenge, lessons learned, use of intelligence for difficult situations in life.
  • To dream that you are taking an exam: It means that your life is shaky, changing, there are times when everything is going well and others are going very badly, it reveals that you will experience constant changes of success and failure, in the economic plane you are made an offer of I work where you will have a lot of responsibility.
  • Dreaming of cheating on exams: It reflects low self-esteem, mistrust in themselves, you need to be honest with yourself, avoid asking others for help, look for your own merits, make an effort and achieve the objectives and goals that you set for yourself, if you are caught copying you could have serious problems trouble.
  • Dreaming of pending exams already passed : It means that obstacles will be found, that you have to be strong to overcome, they can also announce money problems, they will confess a secret which you must keep, announce betrayal, and need for affection.
  • Dreaming of a math test : In these cases most people are very overwhelmed by studies, they are people who did not prepare well for a test, it reflects anguish, there are problems in real life, all you need is to have confidence 
  • Dreaming of passing an exam : People could be stressed by the presentation of final exams, passing means finding peace, even for moments, it is meeting the objectives, feeling proud that they are doing well, having confidence in themselves, growth.
  • To dream that you fail an exam : You will have to go through some lucky moment, you must be prepared for negative things, they are not good dreams, you must start again to fall and then succeed, you must avoid bad company, many enemies nearby, you must save a lot, take care of your work area, take care of your partner, marriage.
  • Dreaming of failing an exam : Some students tend to have this type of dreams due to anxiety before very important and difficult exams, complicated life situations, when a person feels judged by others or by legal means.

The subconscious is indicating that you must crack more for what you want, there is little effort in carrying out the activities, apathy and reluctance.

  • Dreaming of being late for the exam: The person tries by all means to achieve their objectives but something stands in their way, it is unfinished, the self-esteem returns to do its thing.
  • Dreaming of clinical tests: They indicate or reflect fear of any disease that may be suffered, the person is going through a phase in which he feels poor health but it can be solved, it is recommended to take situations calmly.
  • Dreaming of cancer clinical tests: The person thinks that he is going to die or it could be said that he will close a very painful cycle in his life, he has to find a way to get ahead.
  • Dreaming about AIDS clinical tests: You are thinking that things cannot be taken lightly, it also reflects that you will have an answer for an important change.
  • Dreaming of pregnancy: Women often have concerns about some children, concern with some absence of the menstrual cycle.

Conclusion of dreaming about exam

In conclusion, some studies highlight that in groups of students who had dreamed they did better than those who had not dreamed, dreaming about exams represents the emotional state that people find themselves, cognitive challenges.

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