Dreaming of heights is very common and this because it is related to our state of mind, we should not feel fear about it because it can be interpreted in a positive or negative way depending on our life situation.

Most of the time it shows your strength and conviction towards the situations that are presented to you, in dreams we express what happens to us from our subconscious and it is important to know how to interpret them.

Meanings of dreaming of heights

  • Dreaming of great heights: if in your dreams you find yourself on top of something where you project a broad vision of the world around you, it is a very good sign, it is showing you that something good is coming to meet the goals you have set for yourself.

If during sleep you feel a sense of calm and tranquility, you can add to the fact that you are very close to being successful in your professional career or whatever goal you have set for yourself.

On the other hand, if you feel fear, as this indicates that you need to take more risks to get what you want, many times it is not because it is a bad idea but because you do not know how to project it and dare to take the risk.

  • Dreaming that you fall from a great height: whenever we have a dream our subconscious is trying to send us a message and if in the middle of it it happens that you are falling into the void, it is not a very good sign.

When this happens it means that in the same way it is happening with your personal and emotional life, you cannot let yourself be collapsed by adversity so it is time to look for solutions.

  • Dreaming of being taller than another person: it is not necessarily a negative dream since it only shows us the power we have over a situation that involves another person, of course this is so if you perceive a feeling of tranquility.

While feeling irritability or despair you can interpret as problems in your work environment with respect to people who perform some type of activity that you directly relate to.

On the other hand, when it is you who has a lower height in the dream before another person this means that you feel inferior, for some reason it influences your self-esteem and is being reflected.

  • To dream that you are descending from a great height: by having this type of dream the person is descending to his roots, he returns to the beginning of his life where he felt satisfied because something is currently missing, it is a way of remembering what made him arrive until his current life.

When going back many will think that it is failure, but it is the opposite, if you remember how you started you value more what you have and within that journey you learn many important lessons so perhaps you need to do this outside of sleep to improve your personal life.

  • Dreaming with fear of heights: it is a simple feeling of fear to face the obstacles that arise in your life, that decision of not wanting to launch yourself to achieve something because you lack confidence to believe that you will achieve it.

Some conflictive event is happening in your personal or work life that makes you express this feeling, that is why it is very important to take into account the details that occur around the dream to be able to place where the action is happening where we need to trust ourselves .

General interpretation about dreaming of heights

Having dreams where height is a predominant factor is a sign of how the person’s state of mind, self-esteem or psychological environment is with respect to work matters, in very few occasions it is attributed to personal situations.

Height represents situations of power, either as the person develops or how they face it, if they have the confidence to master a situation that leads to success or to get carried away by lack of confidence and end up in a state of stagnation. One way or another, dreams give a sense of premonition about what is currently happening with the person who dreams it, it is up to everyone to take the positive and the negative to improve it, taking into account what your subconscious is transmitting to you

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