What does it mean to dream of knives

Dreaming of knives is not good. As we indicated when talking about dreams with weapons, the knife is a knife and its appearance in our dreams never brings anything good. They are often associated with romantic breakdowns, serious financial problems, or even job loss.

Although it is true that it is something quite negative, in some cases it can be softer interpretations. Personal fears are also quite common when it comes to knife dreams. In the next section we explain point by point the dreams that are repeated the most with these dangerous weapons.

Meaning of dreaming about knives

  • In general, dreaming of knives is associated with possible problems or with the strength you use every time you defend what is really important to you. In the face of any problem or uncomfortable situation, you know how to act and do whatever it takes to defend what is yours.
  • Cutting yourself with a knife in dreams is a sign of trouble. Right now you are going through a difficult time in your life and you intend to run away from that problem. The best thing is that you carry out a period of reflection and make a decision about it, but you will have to face reality and act accordingly.
  • Cutting another person in a dream means changes in the sentimental sphere. If you have a partner and you have had a problem, it is very possible that it will be solved or it will get worse and the relationship will break down. What is very clear is that it will be an abrupt turn, that is, you will discover that you were wrong or you will discover something that makes you break the relationship immediately.
  • When someone stabs you in your dreams it is doubly unpleasant, because in addition to the fact of having been attacked in your dreams, someone close to you is betraying you or you have a terrible fear of this happening. You know that you are surrounded by at least a couple of people who do not suit you at all. You distrust them and you are not misguided, keep an eye on these people and do not be fooled.
  • An old or badly damaged knife is because you are an insecure person. You do not feel prepared to do things and the worst thing is that it is not true. Everything you have achieved is for something, you are as valid as the rest and this fear is holding you back. Don’t let these insecurities take away your chances of getting new opportunities.
  • Dreaming of very sharp knife is because unlike in the previous case, you feel ready to fight whatever is put in front of you. You have a very strong personality and great self-esteem that helps you achieve what you set out to do. It may be that in some cases it is your own personality that harms you, because sometimes you are not able to control your temper and you talk more than necessary or you do not control your impulses.
  • If it is another person that we see in dreams using an old and worn knife, it means that the problem you have is your own will and conscience. You know that you have done something wrong and you also lack the vitality you need to face the facts, retract and move on with your life. Everyone is wrong and that does not have to be a reason to lose the will to live.
  • Cutting a stuffed animal or other object with a knife translates as the breakdown of a very important friendship or relationship. This is a very special person for you. It can be someone in your family, a friend or your partner. Problems will appear and little by little that relationship will break down. You’re going to have to work really hard to fix it if you really want that person back in your life.
  • As unpleasant as it may be, sticking someone with a knife from behind is a sign of mistrust. Your fears prevent you from showing your true personality and you fear failing those around you. The best thing you can do is do a self-esteem exercise and try to reinforce it by thinking about what you are really good at. Only when you start to value yourself can you be valued by others.
  • If you discover that you are injured by a knife, it is because several problems are going to appear in your life. These can always affect you and those around you. It does not have to be anything serious, but it is best to prepare yourself to face the problems that will appear.

Knife dream conclusion

Knives are, as you have seen, quite negative elements. It is also true that they are not as true as it may seem at first. The best thing is that you discover what your dream says and make the appropriate decisions to be able to face the consequences or leave behind all those fears and insecurities that only slow down your life.

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