Dreaming of levitation or flying is a very common and common dream in people, it is full of many interpretations that could give us positive or negative signals. To achieve a good analysis of this type of dream, it is essential to try to remember in detail the entire context of the dream.

Since a piece of information that might seem simple and insignificant would change the meaning of the interpretation. Let’s see some possible options that will help your interpretation:

Meaning of dreaming of levitating

  • Dreaming only seeing yourself levitating , means that you have very big goals, dreams, projects or ideas with strong potential.

If this is your case, CONGRATULATIONS! Keep going your spirit is full of energy and reflects it with that image, if added to this you wake up with a particular sensation as if it had been real, do not be scared, your vibration is at its highest level.

  • Another case could be dreaming of levitation at great heights , perhaps when having this dream you have a feeling of fear because not only will you see yourself at an unusual height, but also because you could have a feeling of emptiness in your stomach

This type of dreams is related to the love environment, it is a sign of good moments with the couple, they will live extraordinary experiences, do not waste them.

  • If you start to dream levitating but this time you are out of control and with the sensation of falling into the void at any moment , it is time to focus our thoughts, because it could be an indicator of lack of control and emotional instability.

Watch out! With letting yourself be carried away by what they will say, live now, forget the past and wait with joy and good vibes for the future.

  • Dreaming of levitation and seconds later falling , it could be said that it is the most common in people. The question would be why? Many times we are used to things being done as we want them to happen and if this does not happen we fall into frustration.

Precisely this is the meaning of dreaming of levitation and falling, it is an indicator of frustration, anger, failure because we feel that the projects we have are not being carried out in the best way.

If this is your case, wanting things to happen the way I want them to be will often generate frustration since we are not in control of all situations in our life.

Breathe, meditate and have faith, you will see how in this way your projects will come about and many times better than how you imagined and wanted them to happen.

  • When you dream that you are being chased while you levitate , you must be very careful about the whole context of the situation, remember who was chasing you, if they are known, how close they are to you, if you give that person a lot of confidence, anyway …

The key here is to know in detail who was the person who was chasing you, since many times it is a sign that that person envies you and therefore prevents your plans from flowing as they should.

If this happens to you, start to distance yourself for a while and see if your goals have flowed in a lighter way without involving that person. And take your precautions.

  • If, on the other hand, you find yourself alone and you struggle to achieve levitation, it indicates a lack of confidence in yourself, it would be an excellent time for you to work on self-confidence, Are you great because you stop? Trust yourself, and you will see big changes.
  • When we dream of levitating over a river , it is an alert, since it means that in the not too distant future we will be going through a very difficult situation, be it conflicts or personal, social or family problems.

This type of dreams is super important since you would be surprised by the number of people who are watching your life waiting for the exact moment to see you fall and laugh at you.

Remember that it is brave to fall and get up, cowards is to stay on the ground. Show what you are made of.

Conclusion of dreaming about levitation

When dreaming of levitation we must pay close attention and be aware that it is a dream which can have many interpretations, that is why it is very important to remember in detail what happened and the people who were throughout the experience.

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