When we fall asleep our bodies relax, in that dreams occur , each of them may mean different things. When we dream about music, we have to see the details and the environment where we do it, since not all dreams related to music have the same meaning.

The meaning of dreams with music may vary from the fact that you need a vacation or would like to go, pleasure in being with the family, as well as depending on the circumstances that the dream arises, it may mean discussions with a family relative.

Meanings of dreaming about music depending on the environment

If we dream that we are enjoying music at a concert, and when we hear it we find it very pleasant, it usually means that soon we will go on vacation to enjoy our recognition of work or that it is going to have many successes in the personal or professional sphere. And if it’s the kind of music that you like, it’s the hits that you hope will happen.

When you dream of music that you do not like and it feels unbearable for your tastes, it indicates that you are surrounded by friends who are not recommended for you or that your work and social environment are not people you can trust.

When dreaming of a type of music that seems loud and unpleasant to you, it can be interpreted as that bad times are approaching in different aspects of life, in family disputes, love disappointments and even diseases that you may acquire or close relatives.

When we hear sounds of animals in our dreams that we find pleasant, such as the singing of birds, and that raises our spirits, we can also see them perform with success in business, family, health and employment.

When in our dreams we find musical instruments, such as a piano, guitar, drums, etc. It is understood that we will receive pleasant surprises. But if instead we find these broken instruments or a state that is very old or that cannot be used, it is that difficulties or the presence of some enmity is coming.

If in the dream we are the ones who find ourselves making the music , either singing it or playing an instrument and we do it in a successful way, it is that everything we have planned will turn out the way we want.

But if we find ourselves doing it wrong or out of tune, it usually means that we are very afraid of making mistakes in front of people we know and even more in front of unknown people, although it also means the fear of failing in different areas of life, be it sentimental, work or personal.

And if what we do is compose the music that we are going to interpret, it is telling us that we have a certain interest in expressing our feelings with other people, and since we do not know how, we are looking for the correct way to do it.

But if we are not the ones who compose and it is another person who is doing it, it is because we appreciate the feelings of that other person, their opinions and everything that has to do with him / her, this is if the feeling we have is very nice, but if it were not everything, it would be the opposite of this.

When we dream any type of dream environment and in them we always listen to music in any form and at any time, it means that dreams tell us about emotions and that we can communicate our feelings in them.

Conclusion of dreaming about music

In conclusion, dreaming of music often tends to be relaxing for us and for the feelings that we may have when doing it, the tranquility that we see in life. Although or everything is positive since you may not have this type of serenity but we just want it to be like that.

Example if we have a very tiring day due to studies, the work environment or the relationship with your partner and family, dreaming of music gives us a certain inner peace, to feel warm with ourselves.

But as already said, if listening to music does not please us, we have to think that we are doing wrong and see the context in which dreaming about music is presenting itself to us .

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